"Macro Art In Nature"

Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.


Michael Brown – Photographer

South Carolina – USA

All images in this journal plus images from other sites, including any writings are © 2002-2011 Michael Brown, and may not be used without permission. Do not download/copy any images!

“Silent Whispers” – Series

“Dolce” Series

Robberfly – “In Their World” Series



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This is my blog journal, a journal about the art that can be found in nature, about macro photography, and other topics of interest! I’m just a typical American boy, from a typical American home in South Carolina, and one who enjoys exploring all the possibilities of capturing artistic abstracts in the world of macro. This journal has been created not only as a outlet for my thoughts about the world of nature photography, but hopefully as a place where others may visit, … and maybe learn something from it. Currently I am working with various clients and art buyers throughout the US.

“Pawleys Island”


Latest Work



Inside “Interior Design” magazine.

“Silent Whispers” – Series


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