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” A Final Gift “

“A Final Gift”
© 2005 – Michael Brown
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I decided that it was time to dismantle the area of the yard that was a magical place to be when my sons were young.
I was somewhat surprised at the feelings that ran through me as I started to take apart that old sandbox that they loved playing in.
Leveling and digging out the area, I found many little toys that had found their way beneath the sand, not to be seen again for many years. There were little toy cars, toy soldiers, airplanes, those little “Happy Meal” toys that some kids loved.
So many memories came back to me as I sat in the sand and looking at all of those little hidden treasures, and I decided to get the camera to take some shots of them as they were laying in the sand.
I took just a few shots, then put those little treasures in a bucket to save for the boys to look at when they got home from school.
I sat the bucket to one side and was fixing to get back to work when I noticed this little acorn off to the side of the sandbox.
I got down eye level with it to take a look, and decided to try some shots of it.
It was like I was looking at one final gift, from a area that gave so much.

My sons are 13 and 15 years old now, and I pulled out those other treasures of them playing in that sandbox that I had on film today.
Damn, ……. what a great day it turned out to be!

Michael Brown

* Originally posted at NatureScapes.Net, November 2005.

“Macro Art In Nature”


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