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“Snakebit” (Another Update)

***  UPDATE – Today they found the car, … the second one stolen from us within the past 2 1/2 weeks.  This kid is good, but it will not be long before he is caught since the police know who he is.  I just hope he does not return here again and this time for me to happen to see him, because it would be very hard for me “not” to pull the trigger!

I looked up “snakebit” in the dictionary this morning, and this is what it said.
1. bitten by a snake.
2. Informal. unlucky; doomed to misfortune.
3. adj. Experiencing a period of misfortune or inability to succeed.

I posted just over two weeks ago that our car had been stolen right in front of our home on a cold morning while it was warming up.
We got the car back a few days later in good shape.
We only got the keys back to the car, but the keys to our other car and including the keys to the house and the office were missing.
We changed the locks to the house, the locks to the office.
We thought everything would be fine from there.

Well, … our other car was stolen sometime during the night, probably by the same person who stole the first one.
They captured the person who was driving the first car stolen, but it was not the person who had actually stole it.The actual thief was still out there with the keys to our second car.  The police will probably have to upgrade me in their computers from “pissed”, to “really really pissed”.
For over 20 years we have lived in this quite neighborhood with never any real bad problems, … and now this.

If I would write in this post just how I really feel this morning, most of you would have a totally different opinion of who I am compared to what you have seen or felt about me over the past 4-5 years since this blog has been up and running.
I thought that corner had been turned after receiving a good amount of work last week, … but now, …….

I just might do something today that I honestly have not done in years.
I think it’s about time to get totally wasted!!!

Damn it!


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