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The Big 25!

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Red Daylily – Abstract


Yep, … 25 years of marriage and she ain’t killed me yet.
So, … guess I ain’t all that bad!

My wife and I have been away celebrating our 25th year of marriage, thinking about all of the good and bad we have been through together, … thankfully most of it good, and we have just arrived back into town.
We even decided to take our sons along with us to let them get in on the celebration.
It was nice, … fun, … but we are all glad to be home and to relax a bit.
Plus, … our dog “Flash” did not care to much for his sitters, so he is a bit on the happy side as well!

Still trying to get everything back to normal with both of my computer systems here at home, … which turned out to be a real mess.
No loss of images, but client info turned out to be a nightmare along with tax info, etc.
No losses to speak of, but just trying to put all of the pieces back together is a big pain.

Lots of shooting to do starting next week, so not much posting of any kind for a while.
I will get back into the swing of things after some of the dust settles.

Above is a old image shot with some E6 slide film.
I do miss those days, ………. sort of!
This is an abstract of a red daylily, “double”, deep within its throat. “Hemerocallis”

Hope that everyone and their families have been getting along well, and thanks for stopping by gang!


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