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“Dark” Macro Photography.

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There is much to be said about “dark” macro photography, or those close ups of various subjects with strong and dark silhouette type areas along with a slight blast of highlights.
I love these types of images, and is another area of creativity in macro photography that I am enjoying even more this season.
Such as these recent posts;
“Late Evening Lily Pads”
“In Their World” Series – Silhouettes

I call it “dark” macro photography, since lately most of my work has been these soft focus pastels or distinct high-key images.
With these “dark” macros, or close ups, … one can take their photography in a different direction when the need arises.
If gives one a chance to see if they can offer up their subject in a pleasing manner, … a manner that they have not delved in that much.
For me, … it is calming!
I need to go and pass out right now.
My son and I spent a day at Pawleys Island yesterday for some shooting during the day and a good bit at night.
We were up for nearly 26 hours believe it or not, … and man, … do I ever have some processing and editing to do.
But wow, … is my brain ever in a fog.
There was a time where I could go long hours like this and not miss a beat.
Now, … I don’t think I should try that again.
26 hours with no sleep is absolutely killer for me!!
My pillow is now calling!

Take care everyone, and thanks for stopping by.

Michael Brown – Photographer
“Macro Art In Nature” – Website

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