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Your “Aminus3” Photoblog, … and other blogs

Could someone possibly tell me what is it with Aminus3 Photoblogs?
Every time I visit someone with a blog from Aminus3, it tells me that I can not leave a comment unless I enable cookies.
It does this on every single Aminus3 site!
I thought that I could go to the Aminus3 main site and enable cookies there which would cover all Aminus3 sites, … but that does not work.
There are a lot of people using Aminus3 now, many that I visit and would like to leave a comment, but I can not and will not go into my system’s preference to enable cookies on every single site.
That is crazy!

As far as Blogger, … or Blogspot?
During the past few years, I have signed up twice with them just so I could leave a comment.
Now it seems that “almost” every time I visit one of these sites, it will ask me to sign up again, … and not letting me leave a comment unless I do sign up.
This I will not do neither.

What’s up with these new blogs coming about.
Something I don’t know?
A lot of you guys I do visit, … but can’t leave any comments what so ever!

I did write for help from the Aminus3 main site, … but not a word from them.
Unfortunately, … Blogger and Blogspot I don’t trust anymore for anything!


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