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True Saturated Colors In Macro.

Yes, I will admit that I am fond of shocking a viewer.
I like to shock a viewer who believes, … “that can’t be real”.
The viewer who thinks, … “man, you must have jacked up the saturation in that shot!”
But there are many who are not that familiar with certain flowers and their characteristics in nature or in a garden setting.
There are those who do not understand the makings of certain flowers.
How much moisture they hold within their petals, the diamond dusting on certain petals, how certain flowers will absorb light, etc., … and the effects that those characteristics have when recorded on film or recorded digitally.

Now if you look at the following image, a daylily (hemerocallis) abstract, most will think that indeed the saturation was boosted up.
The colors and saturation as you see it here are just as they were recorded.
This shot was recorded with two small reflectors on each side of the flower, and natural early morning light coming from behind the flower, giving the yellow throat area that bright neon type of glow.
The daylily flower and its petals, are full of moisture. This is what gives it such rich and saturated colors depending on how the light is.
There are other flowers that has lots of moisture within the petals as well, … some with a bit less, … and then there are those with not much moisture at all.

So, before thinking that maybe a particular image was given a huge boost in saturation, that this flower is made that way, … and that just maybe it’s the way it is seen in the world of macro photography and with the right kind of lighting involved.

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Red Daylily – Abstract


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