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Guest Speaker At CNPA.

I have been asked to speak at the Carolinas Nature Photography Association October meeting up in Greenville, South Carolina.
The date will be on Sunday, October 11.
The time will be 4 p.m. until around 6 p.m. at the Innovate building in downtown Greenville.
Although there is not a name for the topic yet, I am sure you all can guess what it will be about!

In the past 12 years or so, I have spoke in front of crowds ranging from 8 to 600 people.
But every single one of those speaking engagements were about how I approached a particular flower with camera in hand, which is something that interested certain hybridizers and growers who were wanting to create a better image, or a more interesting perspective of the flowers that they created.

This meeting at CNPA will be different, … and a first.
It will be the first time ever that I will be speaking about the new direction I have taken.
It will be about all of the intriguing and artistic views that can be found in our world of macro.
Ranging from images with detail, to those soft abstracts and how I created them.
From insects, … to flowers, … to rocks and minerals.
Discussions will also be about some of the “Series” that I have been working on, some new stuff that I have yet to start on, and probably some Q&A will be mixed in.
Basically, … my way of seeing the world in macro, …. which for me is a “fun” way!

For those of you who visit and read this journal, (that is, … when I actually get around to posting something here lately), … I certainly would be more than happy to meet some of you guys.
More than likely I will be there a couple of hours early.
If some of you can make it that would be great.
Send me a note and I will keep a eye out and make time for some yapping.

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Everyone take care,

Michael Brown – Photographer
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