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“Dolce” Series In Macro.

“Dolce” – meaning “In a gentle and sweet manner.”
Soft; Sweet

I started late last year and have picked it up again this spring with the “Dolce” series, … a series of images mainly using the young leaves from Japanese Maple trees.
I enjoy shooting them at certain angles, early morning light, and using the Lensbaby.
It is the softness achieved for that somewhat abstract feel within that I like, and the wonderful ability to use the Lensbaby in combination with my now famous “Cram It” method.

© 2009 – Michael Brown
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“Dolce” Series – #3


I admit, … that I still get a kick from seeing other individuals use my “Cram It” method, a method that has been around for a long while now.
I see if often used around various photography forums, in Google searches, and they are really using it a lot over at “Nature Photographers Online Magazine” within their flora and macro forums.
All that I did was to bring out a old method used in photography, introduce it to those who may not have been aware of it, and then I gave it a name.

Hey, … I wonder if Billy Mays could take my “Cram It” method and somehow make me a go-zillionaire?
You never know! : )


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