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“Free Wheeling” Photography.

“Ain’t got no breaks, ….. it’s free wheeling!”
Little Rascals, In “Free Wheeling” – Our Gang Comedy

And that is how I consider the direction of my photography to be right now.
It’s free wheeling, and I ain’t got no breaks. No maps needed neither.
I’m having a lot of fun with it as well.

I walked up onto a bridge and looked down.
I saw a scene, but started to enjoy a view that was entirely different.
I photographed the “not normal” view.
So, … what did I do here?
Why did I do it?
Ask yourself, ….. “can I do it?” Would you want to do it?
If not, ….. then why not?
All of us have been taught over the years and each day we still learn something new.
But with each day that comes, … one should try to teach as well.

© 2009 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited
“Free Wheeling”


I guess some may not know what in the heck I was talking about, … so, …
If you rotate this image counter-clockwise, this is how I viewed the image when it was first seen from the small bridge.
But something was drawing me to view it as a horizontal.
I framed it vertically on the tripod, then climbed up on the railing to make the final adjustments looking at it as a horizontal.
A polarizer was also used.
I guess my brain was on the wicked side that day!
#End Edit:

This world in which we live is so uptight right now, but it is not the way I choose to live.
I have to allow my mind to play, to explore.
It’s a never ending road that I like to follow, and I hope that my engine never runs out of gas.

On another thought, … there was an era when our youth and innocence went along hand in hand, when laughter from kids seemed to be more real than today.
The “Little Rascals” was a huge part of that era.
I’m sure that these clips are not shown today as much, since we now live in a highly PC world.
Here is the link to the video, “Free Wheeling”.
A highly recommended classic!!
The Little Rascals in “Free Wheeling” – Our Gang Comedy.

Take care everyone,

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“Grit My Teeth” Photographer’s Rant!

Well, … come to think about it, … I don’t think that I have really ranted about anything much lately. I have been a good boy!
And, … today is April Fools Day and I did not even plan some kind of joke on any family or friends.
I had better go see my doctor for a checkup!

So, what can I gripe or rant about, and maybe not all to do with photography?
There are some things that do make me grit my teeth.

In no certain order:
1. Okay, it has now got to the point where if I am in a room full of people, and someone brings up that zillion year old question “What Is Art”?, … I will haul ass out of that room as fast as possible.

2. I have never seen a portrait of a naked and pregnant woman that is memorable. They all look the same to me!

3. The “PC” commercial that is running now, … you know, … the “I’m not cool enough to be a Mac person”, … is probably one of the most idiotic commercials to come out in a long time!
(I love the “HOT” new Hardee’s commercial though!)

4. Why on earth would a photographer like me spend big bucks to enter a major photography contest with photography categories such as Advertising, Fine Art, Editorial, Sports, Photojournalism, Portraits, Still Life, People, Architecture, Nature, etc., … when almost all of the judges are photographers or editors who deal mainly in the areas of Advertising, Editorial, Photojournalism, or they run a museum or art gallery?
You will never see a nature photographer win the absolute top prize!

5. Why would a macro photographer enter a nature photography contest when all of the judges shoot either landscapes or wildlife?

6. Why does so much of this so called “Fine Art” which shows death, misery, poverty, etc., … consistently overshadows anything with beauty?

7. When in a room full of “keep your pinky finger pointed upwards while you sip your drink and do your art speak” type of people, … why do I get the sudden urge to lean over and lick my own butt in order to get rid of that bad taste that developed in my mouth?

8. Why does a professor require that the students to buy some expensive software that the professor themselves nor the school even owns a copy of?

9. After listening to some more hilarious news this morning, … why can’t I have a job where I don’t have to pay any taxes, … or penalties?

10. When our 25th wedding anniversary comes up this July, and my wife is looking for a “happy clappy”, … will she get P’sd if I tell her our President took it?

Damn, … I finally get a couple of days off from shooting, … and I think I am going mad! : )
I see a mid-day Corona coming on!!

Michael Brown – Photographer
“Macro Art In Nature” – Website

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