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The Perfect Season For Training Your Mind. Compositions In Nature.

© 2009 – Michael Brown
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“Adagio Series” – #1


In my opinion, there is not a better season to learn or to practice your composition skills in nature photography than in the fall-winter seasons.
Often you will find yourself trying to clear all of that daily clutter from your mind so you can concentrate on certain goals that you have in nature photography, so why not make the big push to concentrate on your compositional skills by shooting when there is less clutter in nature!
Hey, … there is not that many if any leaves left on the trees and shrubs.
Less clutter!
Now, … anytime of course is a good time to practice or to perfect your composition skills, but try it while we are still in a season when certain subjects seem so clean or somewhat unblemished.

With the first image above, if this narrow row of grasses was shot during the late spring or summer months, the grasses would have been more full, showing a lot more green and more thicker, leafy areas. It probably would have looked like a solid wall of green and other colors.
By shooting this in the late fall to early winter months, that row of grass along the edge of the pond looks much thinner, more distinct in nature.
I may or may not have seen this particular composition in the summer months because of the clutter or thickness of the row of grass. But, in the fall/winter period, my mind was able to see it much differently, thus allowing me to see a composition that I liked.

Now with this next image, … it is a simple example of a area with less clutter because of the season.
If it were taken during late spring or into the summer season, it would have been full of foliage and not as easy to work with or to find those intriguing compositions.
It mostly shows various lines that nature has given me, with some mixture of vertical/horizontal/diagonal lines mixed with a bit of color.
Playing within a area such as the image below allows the mind to play freely, to see how lines react within the frame using various depths of field, to see how well certain lines work when entering or exiting the frame and where, to experiment with different lenses and lighting, to selectively choose which areas should contain the most detail if any, to study the various tones within the darkest stems, … and more.
Much of this can’t be done or done as well when there is nothing but a big batch of foliage to contend with.
When one finds a area such as this, … study it. Take your time.
When finished, … it becomes time to move in even closer, to explore, … maybe for some abstracts.

© 2009 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Adagio Series” – #4


Moving in closer allows you to play even further, with a whole different area to cover.
I like to do this while using the Canon 100mm macro and 2x teleconverter, or my favorite, … using one of the Canon zooms, such as the Canon 100-400mm lens.
Using the zoom allows me the comfort of staying where I am and moving in closer instead of moving the tripod and myself in closer. Many times I can’t move myself in closer even if I wanted to.
Also, probably my favorite way of shooting, is to position myself right in the middle of a batch of grass or shrubbery, and shoot outwards.
During the fall-winter season, getting into the middle of a batch of grass or shrubbery is a little more comforting, … because there are less critters involved!

So, why not start now?
Getting out is good for you, and nature always has something to offer!

© 2009 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Adagio Series” – #11


The “Adagio Series” is a series of images that are usually taken around a pond or lake, deliberately overexposed on very foggy days.

Hope that this bit of info gives some of you some ideas.
Thanks for visiting everyone,

Michael Brown – Photographer

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