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A Day Of Silhouettes In Nature Photography.

My wife and sons were in the car, I had all of my camera gear loaded up, and we were off for a Thanksgiving get-together at my parents home out in the country.
I locked the door to the house, started walking to the car, looked up, and once again, … it was another one of those bright sunny days with not a cloud in the sky. A blue sky day! (Darn!!)
But this time, I had a plan for shooting while out in the country.

I managed to pull myself away from all of the food, (damn, .. it was good too!), and went out to the car to grab my vest and to load it up with some lenses, etc.
I knew exactly what I wanted to go after. Knowing just how the light was on that day, I knew that it would be great for some silhouettes.

© 2008 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Rose Leaves” – Silhouette


The image shown above is from some rose leaves that were located under a large arbor.
The arbor itself gave off some good shade, and hovering above the arbor was even more shade coming from the maples and oak trees.
For silhouettes, I like to get inside of a heavily shaded area and to shoot outwards and towards the brighter or less shaded areas.
So, I simply sat down on the bricks under the arbor, found some compositions, and found a colorful background for my silhouettes.
The original image is pretty much just like you see it above, but the black areas within the stems and leaves were more of a dull black.
To correct that, I simply went into Photoshop and used “Selective Color” to select and darken the black areas about 20% more than what you see here.
I used the Canon 100mm macro and a 2x teleconverter.
I also tried to get into a position to where some of the blurred red foliage would come into play.

The next image was fairly simple to create.
I simply found a composition that I liked, waited a little while longer for the sun to go down to where I had a pure silhouette, and I shot up towards the sky.
Here too, I used the Canon 100mm macro and 2x teleconverter.
I also adjusted the black of the silhouette by 20% using Photoshop.

© 2008 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Japanese Lantern Tree” – Seed Pod Silhouette


For me, … every day is a good day for shooting!
I still prefer those somewhat cloudy or gray days, but when the sun is bright and I am thinking “bold”, … I will often think silhouettes.
And, with those bold silhouettes, … good composition is an absolute must in my opinion.

So again, … just remember, … that every day is a good day for shooting.
Now, … go out and have some fun!

Thanks for stopping by gang,

Michael Brown – Photographer

“Macro Art In Nature”

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