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“Do The Flip-Flop”, … With Your Macro Images.

You have edited all of your images, finished your key-wording, etc.
All images are in their proper place.
The phone is not ringing.
You are feeling the creative urge and want to go shooting, but maybe your body is telling you that it is time to take a break from shooting.
Maybe it’s simply cold outside, and you don’t feel like taking on the big chill at the moment.
You want to do something, … but have not nailed it down yet as to what you would like to do, … or to try.

Just sit down at your computer with your favorite drink, … maybe some of your favorite music playing in the background, … start going through your archive of images, … and do some “flip-flops”!
I have years worth of images that I can look at, and many of them that I have never played with using Photoshop or other programs to see if something quite different will come about.
Often times while doing this, I will come up with different ideas that I would like to try while out in the field shooting.
It helps to keep the mind fresh.

One thing that I will often do with a given image, is simply to try some inversions, … or to “flip-flop” the image with its colors.
I can flip-flop that image, then play with various colors, saturations, contrast, … whatever comes to mind, just to see what I can come up with.
Some images simply do not work out very well with those flip-flops, … but some can work out really well, allowing your mind to explore other areas within the various programs/software that you have on your hard drive.

Always allow yourself some “play time”.
Personally, I think that this is very important when one wants to advance their skills while out in the field or sitting in front of that computer.
Just play, … and sometimes, … the more funkier you get, … the more you learn!

This image below was inverted (flip-flopped) from the original, then adjusted in Photoshop using some desaturation and selective coloring.
I often like working with a darker image, then during the flip-flop, it sometimes will give off more of a high-key look.
Simple, … and easy to do.

© 2004 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

Original Image

So, ….. game on, ….. and have some fun with your images!
Hope that everyone has a wonderful Thanksgiving, and thanks for stopping by!

Michael Brown – Photographer

“Macro Art In Nature”

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