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Something That Has Changed In My World Of Macro.

And just what is it that has changed in my world of macro, … and changed in a dramatic way?
Well, … damn, ….. I sure do get cold real easy it seems!
I have always enjoyed shooting no matter what season I am in, but lately, I long for spring and summer to last a bit longer.
It’s true. The older you get, … the colder you get.
My feet, my head, my hands, … all seems to suffer here in South Carolina.
I often wonder if I could handle what I see photographers putting up with farther north.
I doubt it!

My youngest son and I were out in the swamps the other day on a short 6 mile hike.
It was brisk, cold, … but beautiful on this day.
I was scanning a large batch of sweet smelling and rotting fruit that had fallen to the ground from the canopy of trees, pretty much down on my stomach with the macro.
My son was about 20ft way, looking through his macro at something low to the ground.
A gust of wind arrives, coming along the ground at a nice clip and over the waters within the swamp, right towards the top of my head.
I thought I was covered well with my clothing.
I let out a fairly loud sound which sounded somewhat like a owl because that wind found a opening, right behind my head and down into the neck area.
Then I said to myself (regarding that wind), “down my back right to my crack”.
I suddenly developed chill bumps the size of silver dollars on my butt cheeks!
I had never felt a rush like that from the cold winds. Never!

But, it was the laughter from my son that echoed throughout the swamp that really caught my attention. He had heard what I said.
A father, … his son, … having a good time together out on a hike, and something happened and was said that gave this young man some uncontrollable laughter. He sounded almost like a crazy person.
It is something that was said that probably would not have had the same kind of effect with someone else, but it really hit him good. It was a memorable moment for him that brought even more laughter later that day, and even that night as he told his mom all about it. Of course, she just rolled her eyes.
I guess it was simply a father/son thing. A “man” thing.
Buddying up with those who share the same kind of passion as you is a wonderful thing.
And then sometimes there are those “cherry on top” moments that occur, such as what happened on this day.
My son had a good laugh because of his dad, and his dad’s heart was warmed over on that day by the sound of his son’s laughter.
And, … it all started from the wind.

The image below is from a season that I seem to enjoy a bit more lately as I get older.
And also, … I have now decided to ask for some super thick socks for Christmas! : )
(I’m no good anymore when my feet get real cold!)

© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Swallowtail Butterfly”


Everyone take good care of yourself, … stay warm, … and thanks for stopping by.

Michael Brown – Photographer

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