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Most Approachable Dragonflies.

Oh, I think that those who often photograph dragonflies all have their favorites, but I sometimes wonder if there is a sure fire answer to which is the most approachable of all.
For me, my vote goes to the “Halloween Pennant” dragonfly.
So many times I have been out in search of something that grabs me, and if there are dragonflies in the area, and the Halloween Pennant is in the mix, the HP will always steal the show!
I would think that existing conditions would play a big roll in why a certain dragonfly might be more approachable, such as the heat, humidity, light, food supply, water, vegetation, and more.
I was sitting in an area along side a pond here in South Carolina, and I counted 8 different types/kinds of dragonflies.
The dashers were skittish, the darners kept their distance, the skimmers acted if there was no tomorrow, … but the pennants would come right up to me, ….. and sit!
With this image below, I had so much time to create and to play.
I counted 11 Halloween Pennant dragonflies no more than 10ft from me, allowing me a whole lot of freedom.
I got up close images, and some of the more landscape type macro images that I enjoy capturing.
With the dragonfly shown here, I was allowed to shoot using two different lenses, allowed to add a flash to the camera then some without a flash, allowed to add a polarizer, allowed to remove the polarizer and add a Canon 500D diopter, allowed to use natural light then to add some light from a reflector for a comparison, … all with this Halloween Pennant never flying off from its perch, … not even once!

I wonder if something he ate put him in to some type of coma?

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“Halloween Pennant” – Dragonfly

Michael Brown – Photographer

“Macro Art In Nature”

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