"Macro Art In Nature"

Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.

“Natural Design” – Image Design For Nature Photographers.

“Natural Design” – Image Design For Nature Photographers.

I am just about through reading this book, and I can honestly say that it is about time someone has come up with something like this!
I have known Gloria Hopkins for some years now.
A photographer, … a artist, … Gloria simply has a knack for putting it all together in her imagery and now she shares her knowledge for nature photographers to study.
Wonderful images, well thought out words that describe in depth, and she has even put together “composition maps” for her readers that makes everything understandable.
This is a e-book that is very easy to follow, and as I understand it, it just may not be around for long because her publishers are now favoring a hard copy.

Gloria says, … “the objective of this book is to expose and enlighten — to introduce ideas and present options rather than guide and instruct. The information in this book is meant to be used together with your unique ideas and inspirations. Use it to design images that reflect your enthusiasms and your personal understanding of image design, nature, and the art of photography.

Yes, … this is a book that I can easily recommend for those who are a bit more eager to learn the fundamentals of composition, … and a whole lot more.
Gloria has put together something that is, ………. “cool”!

Follow the link at the top of the post for more information on “Natural Design”.

Everyone take care,

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“Macro Art In Nature”


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  1. Thanks for the tip! This is one book that I’ve just gotta read, Gloria’s imagery is nothing short of stunning. And in a male dominated branch, it’s great to see a woman stand out with her work!

    Comment by Minna | June 13, 2008 | Reply

  2. Yes Minna, … there are not many ladies who have tackled this subject the way that she has.
    It will take some time, but this book will be one that stands out for a long while!

    Comment by macroartinnature | June 13, 2008 | Reply

  3. I will check out this book too. The cover photo reminds me of the work by Freeman Patterson whose work I greatly admire too. Thanks for sharing!

    Comment by Roberta | June 13, 2008 | Reply

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