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Daylily – The “Cram It Method” revisited, using the Lensbaby.

Many of you are already familiar with my world renown “Cram It Method”, (chuckle), … but even using that method has its limitations when using a dedicated macro lens or maybe a lens with a diopter attached.
This is where a Lensbaby comes in handy, allowing one to selectively choose which areas to contain some hint of detail, while choosing the areas of blur and the amount of smooth transition needed within the areas of light and color. Just cram the LB, … and have at it!

The two following images were simple to create.
The trick to creating these abstract pieces were a simple matter of composition which is so important, using the available LB #10 diopter, strong back or side lighting (never from the front), selectively choosing areas to increase the lighting by using a small mirror, and the selection of a colorful subject that contains a lot of moisture content within its petal and throat areas, which helps to bring about those dynamic colors.
Also when creating abstract type floral images, I seem to lean more and more to using what I call my “Cradle Method”, which involves choosing your main area within the image that you would like to draw attention to, and then cradling that area with some type of base for it to rest upon. Putting it simply, … you have put your main subject in a cradle. The main subject is your baby, … so give it something comfortable to relax in!

You can also see some more of these daylily/floral abstracts in my Photoshelter Archives.

© 2008 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Daylily” (hemerocallis) – Abstract

© 2008 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Daylily” (hemerocallis) – Abstract

Taking some much deserved time off this week to catch up on a few things, … including some of those e-mails that I am so far behind on.
Hope everyone is doing well, … and thanks for visiting gang!


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