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“Poinsett Waterfall”, & Links Of Interest In Photography.

This is a image taken this past year from Poinsett State Park here in South Carolina.
I got below the falls at the crosswalk, and this is where the Gitzo Explorer 2220 tripod and RRS BH-40 came in handy, as I had to extend two of the legs and place them almost down into the water and bringing the center column into play at a weird angle so I could get the camera and lens at the same height of the swirling pool, which also showed off the bubbles playfully dancing about on the water’s surface. The RRS ballhead is a pure joy to work with in this situation!
It was fun, interesting, and I enjoyed the lighting that was involved here in the tea colored waters and the late afternoon light filtering in through the very tall hardwood trees.

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“Poinsett State Park Waterfall”


Some interesting links I would like to share with you all.

“Bill Lockhart Photography”
Bill Lockhart is recognized internationally for his photographic work. His most recent works feature photographs taken in the American Northwest, Orkney, the Farne Islands, Alaska and South Africa.
Check out some of the wonderful interviews Bill has within his blog, which includes interviews with Darwin Wiggett, Royce Howland, Ruud Peters, and some incredible work from Phil Borges, … plus some more excellent photographers. There is much more to be found within Bill’s blog. Do check it out!

So, … you like HDR?
Then do check out the interview with “Royce Howland” that was mentioned above.
Royce is considered probably the best in the world at using HDR and nature photography!
One of the images within that interview is my favorite of all HDR images that I have ever seen.
Study the image, “Sunset At Godrevy Lighthouse”.
Man, ………. this is excellent stuff!!

“A Photo Editor”
Maybe not that much in line with what I am currently doing, but I do get plenty of enjoyment out of visiting there.
Good information, … and some laughs as well!

“Shorpy – The 100 Year Old Photo Blog”
Want to see “a lot” of old images? This is a cool place to visit!

Well, … guess that will be it for awhile
Hope that everyone had a wonderful Christmas, and hope that this New Year that we are now in will be your best one ever!

Take care gang,

“Macro Art In Nature”



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