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Move back, … and take it all in!

This image is nothing more than a reminder, that macro photography does not necessarily mean that you have to get so close that you can see your subject’s DNA!
Back away for some of your images. Try to capture your main subject in a pleasing way, but also showing its surroundings that appeals to the viewer’s eyes.
How often do you see a macro image where the entire frame is or can be the main subject?
I enjoy shooting various types of insects in this manner. Fun, … and fairly easy to do.

With the following image, I used a older Canon 75-300mm lens with a polarizer.
I was shooting slightly downhill, with the pond as my background.
After loading the image into the system, I simply used one of the many Photo Filters (cooling filter) for the image which gave it a slight and overall bluish tint.
Then I selectively removed some of that blue away from the greens, increased saturation in the greens, and did the same thing with some of the parts that were in red, … or yellow, … and so on.
Some selective burning, or you can call it “selective contrast/sharpening” on the dragonfly itself was used to make the dragonfly stand out a bit more.

Again, … simple and easy to do.
(I need to look up the name of this particular dragonfly)

© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Unknown Dragonfly” – Odonata


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Outside Influence In Your Photography. Time To Eliminate It?

My thoughts, … opinion.

1. One of the most important steps that I ever took in my so called “quest” to become a better photographer, was to join in on the many photography forums that you can find on the internet.
Within those forums that are dedicated to certain areas of photography you are interested in, you are taught by many. You receive various answers to your questions from many helpful individuals who have far more experience than you, and many times, you receive honest feedback on the images you have created. And as I have said in the past, it is a much better avenue to take than trying to learn photography from viewing other blogs or blogging yourself, where learning is less effective and honesty leaves a lot to be desired.

© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Daisy” – Abstract


2. I tried it, … and for me, … it worked!
Probably the greatest step that I ever took in that quest of mine, was to virtually eliminate all outside influence from other photographers, … even from those who helped me out so much in finding the right path to take.

In certain ways it is much like a parent, who teaches their child all of the things that they need to know in order to make it in life. Many say that it is the parent who finally lets them go on their way. Actually, … a parent never lets go. It is the child who cuts themselves loose to venture out, and to make it on their own with the knowledge that has been given. It is time for them to shake things up and make their own world, their own life. That child has now become an adult, still somewhat influenced by their parents, will become influenced by others, but eventually will create their own way of life by eliminating some of the influence that now exists in their lives.
In some related ways, not eliminating that outside influence whether it be from viewing other photographer’s work online, in a art gallery, or visiting those forums, can keep your mind in some other individual’s world. Would you not like to create your own world instead, … something that is purely “you”?
What I am saying here really has nothing to do with creating your own style of photography, but a step that I feel is needed long before you can even think of finding your own style. Sort of like a divorce before the renewal.

There will always be a touch of influence from others in my photography, much like the parent/child relationship.
But, I think in order for one to grow with their photography, I believe there is a point where you need to see how much you can inspire yourself on a consistant basis.
Can you take everything that you have learned and move on, all on your own?
Can you create work that strictly comes from deep within with no outside influence, something new, straight from the heart, from your own soul?
If you have a problem in creating, can you figure why, all on your own?
Again, … can you use your vision of this world that you live in and create from it, … with no outside influence?
Can you actually clear your mind and start something fresh?

I have been very happy from reading various e-mails received during the past 4 years or so, the writings in forums about my work, and some of the phone calls I have received. It makes me feel good that I have inspired others.
But, if you would like to persue photography and make a business out of it or simply to become very good with it as a hobby, and possibly to set yourself apart from the rest, personally, I think that you need to cut me loose as well.
Take from me what you can, … learn from it, … get yourself to where you feel very confident with what you are doing and creating, … then move on.
When I see you at some point down the road achieving what you have long desired, … know that I will lift a filled glass to you, … and always with a smile!

Eliminating outside influence in photography does work.
Well, … at least it did for me!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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