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I’ve Been Tagged! Oh well, ….. here’s the tale!

I got tagged by Bonnie, … and that Paul guy started it!
Now I am suppose to tell you 8 things about me that you did not know.
So, since I have a day or two to goof off before getting back to work, … here we go.

1. I never really liked Elvis a whole lot, never did like the Bee Gees, never did like the Supremes, and absolutely hate “beach music!”

2. I do not trust a man who can not cry!

3. I would choose life on a small island all alone with plenty of food and good health long before I would take a place in the big city with all the money in the world!

4. I am a Carolina Gamecock fan, … so, … everybody else sucks! (okay, you can write me now!) LoL!

5. I will not eat anything that is still moving.

6. If I had a couple of wishes, one would be to go back in time, and beat the hell out of the person or persons who invented the neck tie!

7. If you ever mess with my family, …..

8. If you ever mess with my dog or my pickup truck, ….. you’re dead!

And one more:

9. I have a direct line with God who is always there when I need to talk, and the great thing is this, ….. he is “never” outsourced!!

Edit: One that I should have put in there.
“I have never been to a Starbucks”. (And never have any intentions of doing so neither!!)

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“Halloween Pennant” – Dragonfly
“In Their World” – Series


Everyone take good care of yourselves, and thanks for visiting!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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