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Daylily Petal & Throat – Abstract Macro

Hi gang!

Here, … still working, … still shooting, … still having some fun!
Have also been uploading some images to “PhotoShelter”, and will soon be tying that site in with the private site that I have had for the art consultants and various clients.
You can see just a few here, but I do have much more to add still and plenty that anyone has yet to see.
I lost all of my key words someway, somehow, … and it is painfully slow adding all of that back into the system.
The ability to purchase prints will soon be added in to the PhotoShelter site as well, so if anyone has money that is burning a whole in their pocket, ….. LoL! (I have no shame!)
Have also been working on a postcard or promo-card to send out to various consultants and agencies, … so yep, … my plate is still full until late in the year!

This image below is of a daylily flower. I simply sat the lens right on top of the petal, shooting wide open, and moved the lens toward the bright throat area while composing, … shooting.
Fun and easy to do!

© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Daylily” – Petal & Throat Abstract


Everyone take good care of yourself, … and thanks for visiting!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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  1. That’s so neat. I don’t get it that I can’t do cool stuff like that. How do you see the world would be my question? For some odd reason I admire people like you who can see and come up with beautiful abstract photograph like this one above. At least, I’ll say thanks for the inspiration.

    Comment by garshleyentertainment | July 18, 2007

  2. brilliant………..

    Comment by hibernus | July 18, 2007

  3. I love your abstract photos!!

    Comment by Ron | July 18, 2007

  4. Mike, this last one is so awesome, as is all of your work I’ve seen so far….keeping an eye on you for almost a year. You are such an inspiration, thanks for the ride Jess.

    Comment by Jess THorndahl | July 19, 2007

  5. I just love the richness of the purple that offsets the bright light thrown up by the throat. Beautiful!

    Comment by [jm.n] | July 19, 2007

  6. Lovely velvety tones in this. Wonderful mood.

    Comment by Laurie | July 19, 2007

  7. This is way cool………I like it!

    Comment by Jimmy | July 20, 2007

  8. This is a great abstract!!

    Comment by Charlie | July 21, 2007

  9. Beautiful, Mike! Almost reminds me of northern lights. Love the deep purple.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | July 23, 2007

  10. Beautiful, as ever!
    Boy, do I now know what “busy” means, hehehe.. been at it myself here lately.

    Glad to see you still posting this beautiful work of yours.
    Love the purple in the image..

    Comment by Solaria | July 25, 2007

  11. Amazing photo. I love the glow and soft transitions.

    Comment by paintingartist | July 27, 2007

  12. Glad to see you are on PhotoShelter, Michael. That sucks about the keywords. I enter it all in PhotoShop as I’m processing the images. Now I’ll have to checkout your archive.

    Comment by Richard | July 28, 2007

  13. You’re someone I would like to emulate as I build my blog. So I wrote about you today in it. This is all really, really good. I will be back many times.

    Comment by David | August 24, 2007

  14. Really lovely composition and color.

    Comment by Deina | August 27, 2007

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