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“In Their World” Series – Unwanted Highlights In Your Photography?

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I normally do not go out with the sole intentions of getting a card full of insect type shots, but when something presents itself, I will work it and work it very hard!
I like to give the image of a insect that “in their world” feel with careful and different compositions, plus, always looking for something different within the background itself. To me, it has to say “different”!

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“In Their World” – Series.


One thing that I will always try to find in that background is some type of highlights, if it be from pure light or maybe some type of reflection.
The bright area in the background here is from a drop of moisture and a blade or two of grass, shot late in the day, selectively focused for depth and for that “in their world” feel.
Does not always work out the way that I want it to, but when it does, it can give that every day “ho-hum” insect shot a bit of impact. Impact is something that you should always strive for in your images, whether it be subtle or bold in the way that it grabs the viewers eyes.

“Macro Art In Nature”


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  1. As usual – great advice! I shall do my best to search out some highlights!!

    Comment by owen | May 31, 2007

  2. Great work he seems to be seeking out the light, very nice.

    Comment by Bernie Kasper | May 31, 2007

  3. Every time I see something new from you, I always say the same thing. Wow how does he do it. Micheal how many pictures did you take in this series to get this one? Just amazing! Very nice. and …..

    Comment by Karl Schuneman | May 31, 2007

  4. I really love this composition and how you figured in the background.

    Comment by Mrs. Beth Ellen Nagle | May 31, 2007

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  6. What an amazing ethereal, magical vibe your photos have! I love doing macro nature photography too. Great work!

    Comment by artandangels | May 31, 2007

  7. I love the feel of this photo – like “looking over the shoulder” of this insect doing what he does every day. He looks suspended in time & space, and the light puts him center stage. Very creative, Mike!

    Comment by Photo Buffet | June 8, 2007

  8. Nice sharp picture u made here, i like it!

    Comment by MookE | June 10, 2007

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