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In Nature Photography, Crawl It, Cram It, Compose It, Shoot It!

This is the first image that I ever posted on “Macro Art In Nature”.
It is probably the one image that got me started with crawling, cramming, selectively composing, and shooting.
Yes, … it is pure hell on one’s neck, but I will have a remedy for that soon!
I have mentioned many times in the past about cramming the lens into your subject area, most of the time it has been a flower, but you will find more compositions than you could ever dream of simply by doing that belly crawl down on the ground, shooting wide open, … letting the inspiration slap you silly!
Not sure how this method of shooting would effect anyone who tries it, but for me, it is without a doubt the best wake up call in the world!
Created this piece with the Canon 100mm macro.

“In Their World” – Series

© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

There are two “old” online buddies who have started a journal that I would like to draw attention to.

The first is a journal called “Nature Diary”, by Tom Whelan.
I have known Tom for a number of years now and got to know him even better when we buddied up as moderators in the Flora/Macro forum over at NatureScapes.Net.
Tom is a great photographer!
He shoots a little bit of everything as well, … from macro to birds.
I shoot birds too, ….. but only when I am in heavy traffic! : )
So if you have a moment, pay Tom a visit and give him a hello.
Just tell him that some redneck down in South Carolina sent you!!

Good ol’ boy Carl Donohue, … is one outstanding photographer!
Carl has a journal now called “Skolai Images”.
I do not have to say much about Carl’s work, as you will understand when viewing his work, that the images pretty much speak for themselves!
From the U.S. to South America, … this ol’ boy gets around!
So pay him a visit as well. I think you will enjoy this one!

Well, … that’s it for today.
I will not be posting much in the coming weeks, as today I happily got “slammed” with a whole bunch of work to do.
Will spend the coming days answering some e-mails that I am way behind on, … then it’s time for the creativity to come alive.
And, ….. I am going to have fun while doing it!
“Having fun” is always an important element in photography. Remember that!

Now, … everyone go out and find your field of dreams!!


“Macro Art In Nature”


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  1. This is another beautiful image, the softness doesn’t overpower but guides us into the focus nicely. Some very interesting points you made lower down too, it makes very interesting reading.

    Comment by BobC | May 8, 2007

  2. Good news about all the upcoming work!! I look forward to seeing some of the results here.

    Comment by micki | May 8, 2007

  3. This is beautiful shot. And your words are very inspiring, gotta go shooting.

    Comment by Andriy | May 8, 2007

  4. Hey, thanks for the heads up on those two sites. Will visit them later.
    Macro photography does open up a new world. I always say if you don’t like grass stains, stick to landscape or portraits. It’s hard to take a good macro & look dignified at the same time.

    “I shoot birds too, ….. but only when I am in heavy traffic! : )”
    Should we worry? :-)

    Comment by Photo Buffet | May 8, 2007

  5. I always love finding great photography, thanks for stopping by today, very cool shots, I’ll be sure to stop by often.

    Comment by William | May 8, 2007

  6. Great image, as always :) Thanks for sharing those interesting sites.

    Comment by sil63 | May 9, 2007

  7. Very cool image. Some of my neigbors think I’m nuts…crawling around on my belly.

    Comment by Jimmy | May 9, 2007

  8. Where’s the critter?! ;>

    Love the image!

    Comment by Dalantech | May 9, 2007

  9. Hey Mike

    Awesome photo, as usual man. Your stuff is always so artfully done.

    Thanks for the words and the link buddy, I appreciate it.



    Comment by carldonohue | May 9, 2007

  10. all your shots are outstanding..
    amazing blog this is.
    very inspiring …
    This is a superb shot!

    Comment by Intern | May 9, 2007

  11. Hi Michael.

    Just wanted to let you know that I have been lurking for a while. You have some awesome talent.


    Comment by Nathan Buck | May 10, 2007

  12. Hey, ….. thanks everyone.
    Appreciate the comments!

    Comment by macroartinnature | May 11, 2007

  13. very interesting game of colors and suggestion of forms. i like it very much

    best wishes. pedro cardona

    Comment by pedro cardona | May 11, 2007

  14. Another beautiful shot! Subtle, yet intriguing detail. I love it! :)

    Comment by Gravecat | May 15, 2007

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