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“Oxalis” – Canon 75-300mm Lens & Canon 500D Diopter.

I wanted to take a break yesterday from doing some work on the house, so I went out to “Singing Oakes Gardens” to play a bit, to see how the late cold snap and their garden got along, and to see how Jim and Peg were doing.

This flower is a type of “oxalis”, or “wood sorrel”, that was numerous in numbers growing along side a path by the daylily beds. (Thanks Andre for the ID)
The clumps were around 6″inches or so in height, with the 1/2″ inch size flowers sitting atop those beautiful mounds of foliage.
I got down on the ground with the Canon 75-300mm lens, the 500D diopter, did my “cram it” dance while moving and zooming with the lens, … and had some fun.

I used 2 white reflectors, basically laying them on the ground to reflect some light into the clumps.
Then in the final piece and simply for some balance, I used a touch of the “shadow/highlight” tool in Photoshop CS to lighten the stem up. The stem seemed to be a bit to bold and dark, so the S-H tool was the perfect tool to help give the entire image the balance needed.

“Oxalis” – Wood Sorrel
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