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Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly & Lotus Flower. “In Their World” Series.

Not much to write about today, … because I can’t seem to wake myself up!
Created this shot at the “Clemson Sandhills Research & Education Center” in the Columbia area of South Carolina.

Slaty Skimmer Dragonfly & Lotus Flower
“In Their World” Series
© 2005 – Michael Brown
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Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. Nice composition – unusual with the two stems, looking more architectural than floral but quite eyecatching.

    Comment by BobC | April 27, 2007

  2. Sorry for my post – irrelevant to this beautiful image – here but I could not find any contact information to email you. ;-)

    I would like to ask for some advice. Could you email me or send me a contact email?

    Thanks and great great work!!!


    Comment by Denis | April 27, 2007

  3. Stunning photograph. I love the contrast between the dark harshness of the insect and the light softness of the flower.

    Comment by HeyJules | April 27, 2007

  4. This is very different from your “cram it” work, and that’s what keeps me coming back. You’re unpredictable. Not to sound simplistic, but I really like the “happy” feel of this photo–like a perfect portrait of Spring.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | April 27, 2007

  5. wonderful comp- very simple yet compelling. I enjoyed catching up on the posts that I’ve missed lately.. and now you have two monikers.. Mr ‘Cram It’ and ‘Don’t Focus It’… too cool ;)

    Comment by Cindy | April 27, 2007

  6. This is a beautiful composition Michael.

    Comment by timethief | April 27, 2007

  7. Very cool, Mike. The dragonfly is in just the right spot to fill up a bit of the empty space between the other subjects. It’s a great shot even if it’s in focus — it’s okay, we all make mistakes — LOL. I thought my eyes were playing tricks on me when I first saw it. You’ve been posting a lot of blurry stuff lately and my brain was kind of expecting blur rather than sharp.

    Comment by Brian Auer | April 27, 2007

  8. Wonderful image Mike. Great use of the Rule of Thirds in composition. You have a great eye for dragonflies. So easily the subject could be the blossom or the seedpod. What’s best about this image? It’s totally natural (I know this personally because I’ve stood in this same spot). Perfect in simplicity and in beauty. Very nice change of pace Mike. Cheers my friend.

    Comment by Marc | April 27, 2007

  9. Fantastic shot! Have a great weekend!

    Comment by sil63 | April 28, 2007

  10. Hey Michael, excellent image, great comp, well done.

    Comment by Mike Moats | April 29, 2007

  11. No need to talk much, the picture says it all!!!

    Comment by paul | April 29, 2007

  12. There is a lot of wonderful pictures :) I like a lot the processing

    Comment by Jump | April 30, 2007

  13. Wow, amazing composition. This capture must’ve taken a lot of patience.

    Comment by Jeremy | April 30, 2007

  14. Thanks gang! :)

    Denis, … have sent your e-mail back, and hope that bit of information helps.

    Comment by macroartinnature | May 1, 2007

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