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“A Daddy’s Thoughts” – The Day After.

It has been 8 years ago today. April 20, 1999.
Tomorrow morning, it will be exactly 8 years ago that I was listening to the gut wrenching news about the Columbine shootings. April 21, 1999.
I looked at my youngest son, and wrote this piece below.
(I thought that I had lost this letter a long time ago, but did not know that it was still sitting on my old computer’s hard drive, and was just discovered this past Tuesday.)

Michael Brown
St. Johns University – Forum
April 21, 1999

“A Daddy’s Thoughts”

It was not anyone else who had put those thoughts in my youngest son’s mind, the thoughts of taking some flowers to his teacher at school.
Mrs. Stegall is Joseph’s teacher. Joseph is 6 years old.
I asked him yesterday why did he want to take her some flowers. He said, “because she is real
nice, and I like her a lot!” So late yesterday I cut some of the Japanese and Louisiana iris for him to take to her. He was amazed at how much bigger looking they were when in a vase, and was thrilled he would be taking her something like that. He truly adores his teacher.
Early this morning, I finished my shower and decided to go and pour me some coffee. I went to the kitchen where I had the flowers sitting on the table, and there sat Joseph with his head laying on the table, eyes open and staring at the flowers.
He looks up at me and says, “My teacher sure is going to like these flowers huh daddy?” I assured him that she would. He put his head back on the table, looking at the flowers, and by the time I finished pouring my coffee, he was back off to sleep.
I left him there for a moment, looking at him with his head somewhat underneath the flowers, and went over to put my hands on his head covered with that beautiful reddish hair he has.
Those few minutes will last a lifetime with me in memory, but just like our
favorite flower, the “daylily”, the moment itself only lasts just that in time. A brief moment!
I rub his hair, thinking about what possessed him to bug me into getting his teacher some flowers for him to take to her.
Then I hear some of the things that are being said on CNN as I stand there over him.
I get tears in my eyes, and wonder what can I do for my sons.
What can we all do? Will daddy be there when the day may come that they really need me. Will I have taught them well enough to do the right thing and be able to maybe take care of themselves and others.
And I pray. God how I pray!

Go out and give some flowers to someone today! Just do it!!

“Blue Flowers”


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