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“Statice” Flower – For Stunning Macro Abstracts!

“Statice Flower”
(Limonium latifolia)

© 2004 – Michael Brown
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Without a doubt, one of the most wonderful flowers to photograph in a abstract form is the Statice flower, or “Limonium latifolia”.

Shooting this with the Canon 100mm macro, an extension tube, and the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens attached in reverse and the use of reflectors allows me to capture a shot with a quick fall off in depth.
I like to focus in right at the crisp looking edges of the flower, then let the rest to become a soft blur.
There are many abstract compositions to be found in the statice flower, and every year I am continually drawn to photograph them again.
This season, why not give them a try? I think that you would enjoy them, as not only are they fun to shoot, … but they are simply beautiful!

If there is one thing that I would like to add to this post, … is this.
This season, and when it comes to anything floral, … try to give your subject some character in your image.
When coming upon your subject for the first time and if you are very much attracted to it, then figure out just what it was that attracted you the most to this flower.
Ask yourself that question, then try to figure out just what you can do to enhance upon those traits that really grabbed your eyes when you first viewed it.
Figure out the true character of the flower, use the tools that you have available to their fullest, and I think that you will find yourself with a lot more keepers in your files.

Just some thoughts! : )

Thanks for looking gang!

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