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“Toadflax” Flower – Using The Canon 500D Diopter.

Here is another image that I took the other day of a “toadflax” flower.
It may be a weed to many, but to me, … pure gold in late evening light!
I believe this flower could easily grow up in the cold artic areas. It grows everywhere here and rarely photographed from what I have seen over the years.
It is a flower that is very thin in nature, almost wire thin looking from a distance, virtually no foliage, yet graceful as it reaches up to the skies.
Looking at the color of the flower itself, it can look a bit dull during those morning hours or anytime during the day.
But in late evening light, minutes before the sun is done for the day, that blue really puts on a show.

© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
Common Blue Toadflax
“Nuttallanthus Canadensis”


I used the older Canon 75-300mm lens and the Canon 500D diopter for this shot.
Camera mounted on a tripod and low to the ground.
Available light, 1 reflector, Wimberly Plamp
1/250 sec. @ f7.1
ISO 100

The sun was only a minute or two from breaking below the canopy of pine trees, giving off a wonderful golden glow.
It was slightly enhanced when a curves adjustment was made in Photoshop to bring out the blues in the flower, then that glow was toned back down slightly by burning.
The Canon 500D diopter is fun to use, as it will give you a shallow depth of field, and making everything in the distance to become a beautifully blended background.
You can see how quickly the falloff of depth occurs by looking down the stem of the flower, as the head of the flower was leaning ever so slightly into the lens.
The darker areas are either the canopy of trees in the distance, or the ground below.

You can see another image of this flower that was created a couple of years ago, also created in the late evening before the sun went down.
“Shooting In Late Evening Light”

I want to thank everyone who continues to visit here at this journal.
I appreciate the thoughts, the comments, the joking around, and most importantly, the respect that everyone readily gives to one another.

You guys are the best!!!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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  1. Mike, that’s a beauty! I love the composition. The background is warm and soft, perfect for this shot. I’m amazed every day by your work, keep it coming.

    Comment by Brian Auer | April 16, 2007

  2. You make it looks so easy…


    Comment by peter | April 16, 2007

  3. Now I know the name of that pretty purple “flower,” Mike. Thanks.
    Some of the prettiest plants are weeds.

    I checked out your other photo, and wow–the color really pops right before dusk. This is a nice intro to the Toadflax. I see it growing all over the place here in the northwest.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | April 16, 2007

  4. Hi Michael, many thanks for yours comments on my blog. I think your work is superb and very interesting. It‘s not frequent to see together aesthetic and technical perfection in macrophotography.

    Comment by javig | April 17, 2007

  5. No…. THANK YOU!
    I love my 500D, one of the best tools in my pack. On the end of a zoom, it is an incredibly useful closeup tool. I just never get used to that fixed working distance though.

    Comment by Mark | April 17, 2007

  6. Michael, beautiful as usual. Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting.

    Comment by robyn | April 17, 2007

  7. Hey, … thanks gang!

    And Mark, … it does take some getting use to huh? :)

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 17, 2007

  8. Nice, Michael! Those things are all over the place. I need to get down in the grass! :-) My Tamron 90mm macro is sitting at the door. It’s been delivered. I’m ready to jump on it!

    Comment by paul | April 17, 2007

  9. Always my favorite blog

    Comment by Nurul Winarni | April 17, 2007

  10. Thanks guys,

    And Paul, … let me know when you have some 90mm stuff on hand. Would love to see them!

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 17, 2007

  11. i love this shot!

    Comment by sabinche | April 18, 2007

  12. It’s a beauty. Yes, I think we have that same plant way up here in Alberta. I’ll certainly keep an eye open for it.

    Comment by Roberta | April 18, 2007

  13. Sabinche, Roberta, … many thanks! :)

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 20, 2007

  14. I love your style, it’s so unique and distinctive. :) This one in particular is superb. Wonderful colours. ^^

    Comment by Gravecat | April 20, 2007

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