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Explorations in the artistic world of macro photography.

Peace Lily Macro Abstract – “Silent Whispers” Series.

This image is just one in this series that I have been working on, with many more yet to be created.

© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
“Peace Lily”
From The “Silent Whispers” Series

Canon 100mm macro
Available light & 1 reflector
1/50 sec. @ f2.8
ISO 400
Shadow/Highlight in Photoshop

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  1. This image is stunning, I love your work!


    Comment by jayleen | April 14, 2007

  2. One of your most serene…this one sings peaceful, lazy summer afternoon.

    Comment by micki | April 14, 2007

  3. This is beautiful. Michael, looking forward to more of this series.

    Comment by Kathleen | April 14, 2007

  4. I find the flow in this image to be quite stunning. Curves and subtle light changes, all stabilized by that strong vertical line. One of your more intriguing shots I think!

    Comment by Mark | April 14, 2007

  5. Michael,

    I love the image.

    I’d appreciate it if you would comment about how you shoot / post produce these high-key, pastel images.

    I’m familiar with how to shoot high-key shots in the studio but am curious about how you do this in the field. I’m assuming that shoot raw and pick light / low content backgrounds but I when I attempt to shoot these types of shots, I struggle with achieving the low contrast, muted colors that you seem to be a master at.

    I’d love to hear more about how you create these types of images.


    Comment by dave | April 14, 2007

  6. Simple yet very sooting feeling.

    Thanks for sharing.

    Comment by charliebrown8989 | April 14, 2007

  7. What a wonderful image,….. as usual :)
    I love the pastel like appearance that it has…
    Can’t wait to see the others in this series… :)

    Comment by Natalie | April 14, 2007

  8. Wonderful. The type of image you can look at every day.

    Comment by Troy | April 15, 2007

  9. Mike, this is just a beautiful image; great job. If you were getting a setup for macro photography what would you start with? Would it be the 100mm macro or one of the 70 – 300 macros or something else?

    Gastonia, NC

    Comment by Ches Black | April 15, 2007

  10. this is elegant and stunning both.. and I got a big chuckle out of your ‘cram it’ post.. you could be known for worse things ya know ;)
    brilliant shot as always my friend

    Comment by Cindy | April 15, 2007

  11. Love it! perfect DOF and the lighting is wonderful. Whites can be so hard to get right, yet yours is stunning!

    Comment by Jeremy Tscharke | April 15, 2007

  12. Again, simply beautiful. The framing is just right and the soft colours and texture is perfect.

    Comment by Jeremy | April 15, 2007

  13. a beautiful image … very soothing colors.

    Comment by Intern | April 15, 2007

  14. Dave, here is the original image that I have temporarily posted over at PN.

    It is not always that easy for me at times to get the high-key feel that I want no matter how hard I try with a certain subject or scene, so sometimes I will go another route, and then there are times when a more extreme route gives some pleasing results.
    With this particular image here, all that I did was to use the “Shadow/Highlight” tool in Photoshop to help lighten up the shadows.
    Then if you wish to, you can go back and forth between “Selective Color” and your “Hue/Saturation” to try and balance out some of the areas of color to get that pale type coloring within a high-key surrounding.
    (Getting late, … and hope I said that right!) LoL!

    Hope this helps, and maybe give you a few ideas!

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 15, 2007

  15. Thanks again everyone!

    Ches, … for true macro type images, I would go with a true macro.
    I use the Canon 100mm macro, but there certainly are some other nice ones out there for you to choose from.
    I have heard some great things about the Tamron 90mm, and is a bit cheaper than the Canon 100mm.
    Sigma also makes some interesting “and great” macros that are also cheaper than the Canon 100mm.
    I was seriously thinking about getting a Sigma 150mm, but I believe I heard that the Sigma actually extends out and back as you focus, which the Canon does not do, and would be a drawback for me.

    To be honest with you, … I think that the Canon 100mm macro will be all that I will ever need! :)

    You can do some great stuff with a zoom type lens and a diopter attached, but still, it is not a true macro and will still limit you in certain areas of shooting.

    I will post a image tomorrow or Tuesday that I just created with the 75-300mm lens and the Canon 500D diopter, and hell, … I even impressed myself with that shot! :)

    Any questions, … feel free to let’er rip!

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 15, 2007

  16. Cindy, … just ask my wife.
    “I am” known for worse things!!

    On second thought, ….. don’t ask her!!!


    Comment by macroartinnature | April 15, 2007

  17. im one of your avid fans with regards to macro photography. . .and i want to learn more about every techniques in this field of photography. . .ive done some experimental macro shots and i owe it all from you. . .thanks!!

    Comment by mike | April 16, 2007

  18. hey buddy – I saw the original version – like this one MUCH better. I think a light/airy feel goes better with high key lights in this case.

    By the way, I finally won my Nikon 50mm 1.4 lens on Ebay – cut-throat bidding on those things that always drives the prices up. Some guy tried to get it in the last 10 seconds but I swatted him away. :-) So I’ll be reversin’ soon.

    Comment by Mark | April 16, 2007

  19. Thanks Mike!
    Glad to see that I might have been of help for you, and anything I can do to help further, … just let me know. :)

    Comment by macroartinnature | April 16, 2007

  20. Hey Mark, ….. atta boy!

    No, ….. wait, …

    10 seconds left, … he drives down the middle,
    he puts up a shot against Graf, …
    R E J E C T E D !


    Comment by macroartinnature | April 16, 2007

  21. Michael,

    Thanks for answering my question. I appreciate your willingness to share. I have tried taking some of my images adding a layer white layer below them and then playing with the blend modes such as “soft light” or “lighten” to lighten up the shadows but I will try the suggestions that you make.


    Comment by dave | April 16, 2007

  22. Wow, what an amazing dreamlike shot!

    Comment by Jasper | April 16, 2007

  23. Yeah, but that b**tard jacked the price up. No matter, I was prepared and determined to get the lens.

    Comment by Mark | April 17, 2007

  24. Oh my! This is exquisite!

    Comment by deb | April 17, 2007

  25. Thanks again everyone.
    Glad to see that most seemed to like this one, and will continue on with that particular series.


    Comment by macroartinnature | April 17, 2007

  26. Glad I stumbled onto these beautiful images. My eye craves the macro image. I have been researching macro lenses and have looked at the canon100mm and the sigma 90mm. Do you add extension tubes as well? What do you use? How about ring light? single or double? Thanks for sharing your beautiful work and advice. all the best Lisa

    Comment by lisa | April 19, 2007

  27. Hi Lisa, … and thanks for visiting!

    I sometimes will use extension tubes. Depends on the subject, the conditions that I may have, … etc.
    With the Canon 100mm macro, the Kenko tubes and teleconverters are compatible. So far, mine has never given me any kind of issues at all. Excellent in my opinion.

    Ring light?
    I have not used one in years.
    They are great for certain subjects and when you want lots of details, but for my style of shooting, they really do me no good at all.
    The light from them is just a bit to artificial for me. Normally, I will do everything possible to shoot with natural light, … if I can.

    Anyway Lisa, hope this helps a bit, and if there are any other questions, feel free to write.
    Again, … thanks for visiting and the very kind comments!


    Comment by macroartinnature | April 20, 2007

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