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Michael Brown, Inventor Of The “Cram It” Method In Photography.

I can’t help but to get a good laugh out of all this!

I was looking at my WordPress stats the other week, and noticed quite a few hits coming from a forum over in France.
Not a large forum, as it looked like it might have been a forum for a camera club.
I noticed the link to “Macro Art In Nature”, so my curiosity got the best of me as I went to my translator to translate for me what was being said.
The whole thread was about the “Cram It” method, a technique that Michael Brown had created to create the images that can be found on his site.
Another forum that I have seen recently also had a long thread about the cram it method, a method that Michael Brown came up with.
And just yesterday, I came across another small forum where a guy asks in a thread, “Will someone kindly point me to the information on Michael Brown’s “cram it” method?” “I want to give this a try.”
Then in the same thread, someone else asked, … “I have seen the results and really like it.” “When will he start shipping out the software?”

I admit, … I get a bit tickled over this and usually start laughing!
I did not create this method, a method that has been around for ages now.
It may have been lost in the mix for awhile, when everyone in nature photography seemed to be focusing in on “details, details, details”, while seemingly ignoring anything that involved soft or soft focus images.

So again, ….. “I did not create this method!”
I may be known for giving it a name, and for all that I know, it just may already have a name that I don’t know about.
So “Michael Brown” gave it “this name”. I’ll be happy with that!

“Macro Art In Nature” – Website

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