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“Golden Poppy” – Macro Abstract

Not sure if this one has even been posted or not.
It is one that sat in my files for 3 years, never really giving me that much inspiration of any kind, but yet I kept it.
One art buyer that I am working with is very happy that I did.
Still, … it does not make me jump up and down! : )

This was created by taking the poppy from outside and bringing it indoors.
Available light was coming from a window, and a reflector was used on the opposite side of the flower.
I honestly can’t remember what I used for a background.
Camera was on a tripod and using the Canon 100mm macro and extension tube.
I simply rotated the flower by hand while looking through the viewfinder, trying to find a composition that worked.
I wanted to get at least some detail in the top portion of the stem, maybe a touch of detail within the petal area, and then simply let the rest to fall where it may.
A ever so slight hint of curves was used to darken the background just a bit more.

© 2004 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

“Golden Poppy”


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