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Photography In Late Evening Light.

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This is a shot that I took about 10 minutes before the sun went down behind the trees and horizon.
I wanted to balance out the light, and to bring out the rich colors of the blue “toadflax” flower.
The winds were at a dead calm, so there were no problems there.

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“Blue Toadflax”


I had the camera on the tripod and low to the ground. I set up two reflectors very close to the flower, one on each side of the flower to help catch any ambient light.
I then ran the Canon 420EX flash off camera, about 1 foot above the camera, about 3 feet behind the camera, and shooting through another reflector to diffuse the lighting a bit.
This setup used in the late evening often helps to balance out that light in order to give me the details needed and rich enough colors to make something that appeals to me!
Still, I rarely use flash, … but this is one time that it worked out well.

Common Blue Toadflax – “Nuttallanthus Canadensis”
Canon 75-300mm lens & Canon 500D Diopter
Canon 420EX flash
Tripod, plamps, reflectors
1/15 sec. @ f4.5
ISO 100
** Curves used in PS, and 10% boost in saturation using PS.

Thanks for looking everyone!

“Macro Art In Nature”

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