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“The Playful Assassin” Macro – “In Their World” series.

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When out shooting, and I come across some interesting insects, I try to come up with a different approach to them instead of the “maximum detailed” images that one often will see.
Shooting with a limited depth of field and careful composition helps me to draw more attention to the subject.
A smoother background with less distractions often are the results, and even if there is a touch of falloff in details within the insect, many times even that is not a major concern.
This approach has often given me some insect images that seems to give the insect a bit of personality.
If the viewer can look at the image, and if the viewer starts to imagine a little bit, … then I have done something good!

With this image here of a assassin bug nymph, I get the feel as if he were a little kid, playfully swinging about on this small fruit found within a vine.

© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

“The Playful Assassin”
“In Their World” Series


Canon 100mm macro
2 white reflectors
Manual, 1-160 sec. @ f5.6
ISO 200

Thanks for looking everyone!

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