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Daffodils – A Reflection Of Me.

I was out shooting the other day when a young lady approached me from behind and said “hello, … what are you shooting?”
I turned to see someone who looked like they might still be in college, with a photography vest on, 3 camera bodies and lenses, and a tripod.
I told her that I was shooting some of the daffodils.
She then says, … “they have been done to death!”
She then asks, … “do you honestly think that you can get something different?”
Now, I will not say where that conversation went to, … but needless to say, … her mind was made up!

I can choose to see this world of ours just like everyone else.
I can also choose to see it differently.
It is up to the photographer behind the camera & lens to decide if a certain subject has been “done to death!”
When you are out shooting this season, and come upon something that you have often seen in print or on the web, … still go ahead and shoot it.
Take a shot as you had first seen it.
Then ask yourself, “what really attracted me to this subject in the first place?”
After deciding that, … enhance upon it with different angles/perspectives/compositions, lens settings, focal lengths, shutter speeds, ISO’s, lighting, etc. Work it hard!
Throw all of your creative energy into a certain subject this season, and many times, not only will you learn something new about your subject and your photography techniques, but you may also learn a lot more about yourself.
You may learn that there is something more interesting in that image that you just created.
Hopefully, … you will see that the image you created, … is “you”.

These two images below are some daffodils that are a bit different than what you may normally see.
The first one was a daffodil that was sitting down within a large head of ornamental cabbage.
The second one was created while out shooting with a lensbaby.
Did I set out to photograph something that was very different?
Not really.
What you see in these following two images, ….. is simply me!

© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

“Daffodil & Ornamental Cabbage”


© 2007 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.



Thanks for looking everyone.
Now, ….. go out and have yourselves some fun!

Michael Brown – Photographer

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