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“Legless Lizard” – Using 75-300mm Lens & Canon 500D Diopter

This legless lizard, or glass lizard, “Ophiosaurus species”, was playing about some of the daylily blooms that were down on the ground.
As he moved throughout some of the flowers, dipping and weaving about in the throats of the flowers, I got down on the ground with the 75-300mm lens which already had the Canon 500D diopter attached, … and took a few.
I could tell that depth might be a problem, so I focused in on the eyes, making that the most important part of the subject.
The very strong gold coloring coming from the flower and the backlighting gave the image a bit of a overwhelming type of color that I did not like, … so I created this conversion that I was pleased with.
Something a bit different!

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“Legless Lizard”
Ophiosaurus species


Thanks for looking everyone!

This is another image that has been posted before on the old blog journal, but did not transfer during the move over to WordPress.

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