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“Layers Of Gold” Macro – Using Reversed Nikkor 50mm 1.4 Lens.

This miniature rose was photographed using the Canon 100mm macro and the Nikkor 50mm 1.4 lens attached in reverse.
The petals already gave a nice layered look about them that is very appealing when viewed normally.
Looking at them with the setup used, it helped to capture that layered look and keeping them at a depth that was pleasing.
This particular rose is actually more of a gold color, but with the lighting used, it turned out a bit more orange.
Still, … “Layers Of Gold” is how it looked to me when first viewed.

2007 – Michael Brown
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“Layers Of Gold”


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  1. A heavy sunset with bouncing light over the dunes.

    Of course an excellent technique and just look at the result. Fine work M8t, very fine work ;-))


    Comment by nzmacro | March 12, 2007

  2. This reminds me of dunes also, or the layers often shot in the Smokey Mountains. I keep meaning to hunt for a good 50mm on Ebay. I already have the reversing ring, just rarely use it. Beautiful shot Mr. Brown.

    Comment by Mark | March 12, 2007

  3. Thanks guys!

    Hey Mark, … I got mine from Allen’s (or Allan’s) camera for $35 bucks, … clean as a whistle and works like a charm!

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 12, 2007

  4. This combo – 100mm + the reversed 55mm – is something you use often. I’m getting good at recognizing it, because they are exceptional macros. Have you posted an article in your archives detailing this technique, and how the lenses work as a team? I love the results.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | March 12, 2007

  5. Hey,

    Outstanding image. Love the effect and colors.
    Take care and be safe.
    God be with you,

    Comment by heavenlylightproductions | March 12, 2007

  6. Thanks again guys!

    Bonnie, … I did have something on my old blog about using this method, but that post did not transfer when I made the move over to WordPress, … and I simply did not rewrite anything about it.
    I’ll see what I can whip up!

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 12, 2007

  7. Thanks for dropping by and commenting on my blog. I am by no means a photographer but have to say that some of your images are beautiful and very thought provoking.

    A good spot for inspiration!


    Comment by arteccentrix | March 12, 2007

  8. “I’ll see what I can whip up!”

    Hey Mike, that’d be great, but get at it whenever you have time. No rush. I just thought you might have it on hand.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | March 12, 2007

  9. hey M8T found ya! (waving to Danny)
    lovely image as always Mike, love the vibrant colors. Will my 50mm 1.8 work with this? I need to get a ring and just dive in and try it.
    Keep em comin, I enjoy your work muchly :)

    Comment by Cindy | March 12, 2007

  10. Beautifully done Mike. Such a wonderful world this macro stuff.

    Comment by Troy | March 12, 2007

  11. Just beautiful!

    Comment by Jimmy | March 12, 2007

  12. Hey Mike, great vibrant color and wonderful comp.

    Comment by Mike Moats | March 12, 2007

  13. Very nice work. If I didn’t know it was a photograph, I might have thought it was a painting.

    Comment by Darrell Klein | March 12, 2007

  14. i don’t know what is it but it looks really nice :)

    Comment by Nicolas | March 13, 2007

  15. Dang! Another winner! You do know how to spot those most interesting macros! Kudos to you!

    Comment by paul | March 13, 2007

  16. Thanks gang!

    Cindy, … I sent you a e-mail last night.
    Hope you got it! :)

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 13, 2007

  17. Very, very nicely done!

    Comment by Paul | March 13, 2007

  18. Lovely piece of abstract art (is it really a photograph…!). Good stuff never dates.

    Comment by janina | March 14, 2007

  19. Very very beautiful colors and composition! This photo is pure fantasty! I stumbled across your photoblog, and I’ve got to say it really stands out. If you would like to contribute to my site for artistic photographers I would be very happy! If you do we will post your blog’s address so that even more people will have the pleasure of finding it! Hopefully you could find some inspiration there too! Cheers // Ralf

    Comment by Ralf | March 17, 2007

  20. Paul, Janina, Ralf, … thanks guys!

    Ralf, … will shoot you a e-mail later today or tonight.

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 20, 2007

  21. Thanks for sharing Mike. I enjoy it!!

    Comment by Charlie | March 21, 2007

  22. Beautiful photo Michael! I love that shot.

    Comment by Ron Niebrugge | March 21, 2007

  23. That is a great photo! Glad to see your new site in action and look forward to visiting a lot more!

    Comment by BobC | March 24, 2007

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  25. Stunning photo. I can see how this would be your favorite. The layers of color are beautiful.

    Comment by Jim Goldstein | May 24, 2007

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  27. Yeah, totally agree that this is a fantastic shot. Really nice degrees in tone change, a bit at a time, in the various macroscopic layers of the subject. Really nice!

    Comment by Nawfal Nur | May 27, 2007

  28. I have always loved this image of yours. It is gorgeous and very well conceived and executed.
    Certainly a tough project that you are initiating. Intrigued.

    Comment by Wil Hershberger | May 28, 2007

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