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“Rights Grab & RF” – I give up!

Okay, … you guys know that I have to rant at least once a month about something!

I am no longer surprised with some of the organizations that help to sponsor many of the “rights grab” photography contests that you see today. I guess you can simply say, … “it’s business”.
“Nature’s Best Magazine”, (the best magazine of its kind) has a “Staples” ad on their site promoting a contest called “Hometown Views” photo contest. Just read what one would give up if they enter! Sure, … there is a very nice prize for the grand prize winner, but after that there are some very small prizes and “all entries” (even if you do not win anything) gives Staples a royalty free right to use your photo as they see fit for one year or possibly longer, … and during that time, the owner of that piece can not use it.
I am also not surprised that the judges for this competition is the PPA, “Professional Photographers Of America”.
I thought that Nature’s Best Magazine would stay away from something like this, and even the PPA, … but nope!
(If I am not mistaken, .. these rules were a bit different a couple of weeks ago!)

“National Geographic” has some contests going right now that runs along the same lines as the “Staples” contest mentioned above. Getting your image in a magazine such as National Geographic is cool, … but can be costly if you do not read the fine print!

But you know what? I don’t care anymore. I give up!

Photographers in the business use to gripe and pitch a fit at all of this nonsense, watching businesses build up that image library of images that they got “for free” because of individuals not reading the fine print, … or maybe they just did not care about it since photography is mainly just a hobby to them. If they win something, or maybe get their image in a magazine, … then that’s cool. If nothing comes from it, … they just lost a image that they did not really care about.
There are many companies out there who realize that there is a vast number of amateurs and/or those who simply do not read the fine print, and will happily help to build up that company’s image files for that rare shot at fame, or a prize.

I have to hand it to those companies who do this.
It’s just business. They are in business to make money. They need to save money in certain areas to make money. They know what the bottom line is!
They know that they can profit from the gullible! Hey, ….. its legal too!

With the micro-stock sites now, well, … I will not go there.
Have at it if you wish, and if it helps to pay the bills, etc., … then more power to you.
I don’t care!

Professional photographers use to get together and voice their opinions/objections to these “rights grab” contests and even the micro-stock agencies. Not anymore!
In the past couple of years, it seems that so many photographers who are making a living from their work has taken on the “every man for himself” attitude.
They use to work together as a group to keep their profession at a certain level, to work to make things better for everyone. Does not seem that way now for some reason.
Now, trying to get photographers to work together for (I guess you could say), the “common good”, is like trying to herd fleas into the corner of a room. It just ain’t going to happen!
Then again, maybe it is some mis-guided perception on my part. I don’t know anymore.
It is now to the point to where I really don’t care. I’ll just look after myself!

Will I let my work go to someone else for good, just to “maybe” win a prize?
Will I sell and cheapen my work for a dollar?
I put this in the same line as, “would I give Jesus a nipple ring?”
There are some things I just will not do!!!

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