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Lensbaby – Excellent Tool For High-Key Macro Imagery & Blending Of Color.

It does not take one very long to figure out that the Lensbaby is a great little tool for high-key imagery, and I particularly like it for its ability to blend colors as I see fit to blend them.
Maybe in the coming days I can write something up a bit more on high-key photography while using the Lensbaby, … one of my favorite ways/style of shooting for that sometimes “washed” look!

The image here of this daffodil is pretty much as I had seen it.
The only thing that I did with it in photoshop was a slight curves adjustment, selective saturation, and dodged a dark area at the bottom center/edge of the image.

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Thanks for looking everyone!

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  1. Hello! I visited you Blog, I founded from some body else website, You are a real Artist, I like your Macro photography a lot, I got some Ideas and inspiration, and hope one day take photographs like you, I have some photographs in Photo.net if you have time you can take a look, I would be honored to get some comments from you. Keep up the good work, Best Regards.

    Comment by Omar Martinez | March 1, 2007

  2. Beautiful, like a soft painting. I have Lensbaby 2, but I haven’t got the hang of it yet. I wish I could find a step-by-step tutorial of how to manipulate it. It feels awkward, and when I extend the tube too far, I’m afraid it’s going to pop off my camera, even though it’s locked in. (I have a feeling it’s sturdier than I give it credit for.) Like anything else, it’s going to take lots of practice. Thanks for another pretty macro, Mike. I love your work.

    Comment by Photo Buffet | March 1, 2007

  3. beautiful image. Should I get a lensbaby, too? At the moment, I use a Photoshop Plugin to imitate the LensBabys-Effect.

    Greetings from bavaria

    Comment by Fiona | March 1, 2007

  4. Thanks everyone!

    Omar, will be paying you a visit here shortly.

    Bonnie, you can visit the Lensbaby forum and probably get a lot of ideas from that forum. Pretty cool forum with some good info from the members.

    Fiona, yes you can duplicate the blur effects to an extent in PS, but I think that it is a bit more accurate and smoother using the Lensbaby, and as far as I can tell, those blending of colors are much better while using the LB.
    Get yourself a LB if you can, and have a bit of fun!

    Thanks again gang!

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 2, 2007

  5. Micheal, wich kind of lensbaby should I prefer?

    Comment by Fiona | March 2, 2007

  6. Fiona, the Lensbaby images that I have shown over the past 2 weeks were all created using the “Original Lensbaby”, which I believe you can get now for less than $100 U.S.
    I am not sure if the closeup/macro diopters comes with it or not which are very useful. Still, they are not expensive if they are sold seperate.
    I used those closeup diopters on all the images shown.

    Let me add, that today, the new Lensbaby 3G came in the mail. Will post some of those images in the coming weeks.

    Hope this helps Fiona, and thanks again! :)

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 2, 2007

  7. This is such a beautiful, soft image…great work with the Lensbaby!

    Comment by deb | March 2, 2007

  8. Thank you, Micheal. I’m keen on seeing your next pictures made with your new LensBaby.

    Comment by Fiona | March 2, 2007

  9. Deb, Fiona, … thanks again! :)
    Will be posting some more similar to this in the coming weeks.

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 2, 2007

  10. Lovely shots again, Michael. Very abstract and beautiful.

    Comment by paul | March 2, 2007

  11. c’est magnifique, beaucoup de tendresse pour cette image.
    un vrai bonheur à voir

    Comment by Turquoise Bleue | March 3, 2007

  12. if you keep this up I’m going to have to invest in one of these contraptions ;) I’ve never seen what I’d call a ‘good’ photo using this tool.. but you’ve changed my mind once again. Excellent shot and I love the abstract too.. but it’s not the equipment really, it’s the artist and your talent shines in each photo Mike.

    Comment by Cindy | March 3, 2007

  13. I have to say, I really like the pastel high key look… and the blending colours are very nice. I love how most of your images play with just a few colours and draw the most out of them.

    Comment by Richard H | March 4, 2007

  14. This is beautiful, looks really soft, almost touchable.

    Comment by solphoto | March 4, 2007

  15. Thanks again everyone for the very kind comments.
    Really appreciate the thoughts given!

    Comment by macroartinnature | March 5, 2007

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