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The Story Behind The Image

First of all, … many thanks to those who have written about the image that you see to the right side in the “About” section of this journal. It is without a doubt one of my favorites that I have ever created since it took me a number of years to get exactly what I wanted. I just did not think that it would create so much interest from viewers.

This image I consider to be my “intro” image for the “In Their World” series that is ever so slowly coming along. Not technically a difficult shot to create, but in my mind, … everything had to come together that fit my vision for this series. I have become very picky over the years, and this is one of the reasons why it took so long for this particular shot. I have a storyline, … and within that storyline is mystery and beauty. It has to be just right “for me“. (most important!)

© 2006 – Michael Brown
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Daylily – “In Their World” Series


This image is of a daylily, or “hemerocallis“. I put the lens right on top of the petal and moved it towards the center or the throat area of the flower. I wanted a view, a feeling of how a small insect or other small creature might see it as they moved down that petal and to the center. Now one can view this for awhile and start to imagine just what that small creature in nature is thinking as he views it. Just what is he thinking as he moved towards the dropoff that leads down and deep within the throat of the flower. What does he think of that mass of vertical stamens on the other side of this deep canyon that reaches up to the heavens? I would imagine that yes, they do think of food, danger, mating, etc., … but what about their beautiful surroundings as they move along? Can they perceive colors as I do? I am basically a dreamer and explorer all rolled up into one, and have often wished that I were their size for a day. Again, ….. do they see beauty? Do they appreciate it the way that I do? Who knows, ….. but it is nice and fun to dream about it!

© 2006 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.
Beetle – “In Their World” Series


This series that I have been working on for some time now involves colorful abstracts of flowers, but the key players are the smallest of creatures. I enjoy capturing them in the beautiful world that they live in. I do not care for the massive amounts of details that so many seem to be after in the world of macro. I want to show a magical place where these little ones live, and try to show it with some scale. After getting the images needed for my intro shot that I had been wanting, I turned to see this small type of beetle inside another daylily, who was just sitting there in one place, lifting it legs up in the air alternately as if it were dancing. I swung the camera around on the tripod, had a near perfect distance to work with, moved one reflector, and started to shoot. 1/320 sec. @ f2.8 with a ISO 400. He was showing me “his world”. I loved it!

I look at this small insect through the lens, and I know that we are different from each other. But I ask myself, ….. just how much difference is there really? What do we have in common? Maybe I can put it in a image of what we have in common!

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