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Artistic Blurs In Your Macro Images Using Photoshop

Want some artistic looking blurred images? Well then, … play, … have some fun! The following images were nothing more than combining two of the same images within photoshop.

© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.


The first image is a shot that I took down at Brookgreen Gardens & Plantation, down around the Charleston, South Carolina area. It was a simple shot of some “bluebells” with a low perspective to the ground, … at that was it. Nothing special about it at all!

I decided to take it into photoshop, to duplicate the image, then take the duplicate and enlarge it a certain percentage, … say maybe 10% or so, add a ever so slight touch of gaussian blur, and then merge the two together in photoshop. You can play with the sliders in your layers to adjust the opacity of each layer to suit your tastes.

With the second image that you see below of a lily found out in the swamp, I basically went through the same steps as above but without any gaussian blur on the second layer. I shot this through some existing foliage so it was already a good deal of blurring involved. I also decided to enlarge the image a bit more so that you could see a faint flairing of the petals around the more distinct flower layer.

A bit of selective blurring can be used after you flatten your layers, maybe a touch of cloning to touch up a few spots, but most of the time, I am happy with what I came up with from the start. It’s fun, and easy to do! Also, … I am pretty sure that you do not absolutely need photoshop to do this. There are many programs out there that has similar functions like photoshop, so just play and see what you can do with what you may have.

I will be showing some things in the next couple of days on what I use for reflectors, mirrors, etc.05swamplily3yblog.jpg You will see just how cheap I really am! I was planning on starting today, but got a call late last night from a buyer who wanted some images to show a client of theirs, so I am off to search some files for them. I “was” planning on goofing off today!!! (oh well!)

Everyone take good care of yourself, stay warm, … and thanks for looking!


© 2005 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

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