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A Creative Fix In Macro Photography For When Your Doors Are Closed!

© 2006 – Michael Brown
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Nothing like taking one of your “blah” shots, and making something appealing out of it!

I was trying some things out in the field last week, trying to get something a bit different because of the absolutely wonderful late evening light. This is one of those where I thought that the original image would probably wind up in the trash. Initially, I just could not get the overall feel for composition in this area I was shooting. Then, thinking ahead, I thought about what a combination of the same image using Photoshop might look like.

For the final piece that you see here and with the camera on a tripod, I took one shot for my original.
Then, I took another shot with some adjustments made for shutter speed, and slightly moving the camera during that exposure for a blurred look.
In the system, and using Studio Artist 3.0, I painted over the original using various brushes and a oil base, then saved that one for my third image.
Then, I combined all of the images together in Photoshop.
In some instances, you do not necessarily need Photoshop, as the combining of images can be achieved in other programs as well. Just check your “Help” file or users manual to see what you can do along these lines.

Fun, fairly easy to do, and it most certainly can open the doors for you in your creativity when all else seems to be at a standstill!

Thanks for looking gang!



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  1. Nice brush strokes Michael. :-)

    Comment by Marc | October 29, 2006

  2. Thanks Marc!
    There is someone else who likes them too, … and hopefully they are willing and ready with the check book! :)

    But seriously, … something like this is very easy for anyone to do, and I am working on a entire series similar to this one using images that did not quite cut the mustard, …. well, at first they didn’t!

    Comment by MBrown | October 29, 2006

  3. Cool technique, and great image. I really like the end result.

    Comment by Justin | October 29, 2006

  4. It’s been a while, but I finnaly checked out your latest work… I must say, you are on a roll. I like your style.

    Comment by Anonymous | October 30, 2006

  5. Justin, anon, … thanks for visiting, and appreciate the comments!

    Comment by MBrown | October 30, 2006

  6. I stop by often to see how you are doing and what you are up to. I am awed by the growth in artistic skill you have made over the summer and am SO happy to hear that you are making some good sales on your beautiful photographic art!!

    Comment by micki | October 30, 2006

  7. This looks very nice, almost like a painting.
    I’ve found that just applying some filters in Photoshop and then Masking the layers, using the paint brush at different settings makes for a nice overall artistic effect for some images.

    It’s always nice when you can rescue photos from the recycle bin eh?

    Comment by Solaria | October 30, 2006

  8. That works really well. I must try something similar for my boring shots. Thanks for another lesson Mike :)

    Comment by Markarian | October 30, 2006

  9. Micki, Mark, Solaria, … thanks for looking guys!

    Comment by MBrown | October 30, 2006

  10. excellent effect you have acheived here Mike!

    Comment by david kleinert | October 31, 2006

  11. Another Master Peace!

    Comment by Doris | October 31, 2006

  12. Thanks David, Doris! :)

    Comment by MBrown | October 31, 2006

  13. Simply wonderful.

    Comment by Paul | October 31, 2006

  14. travelling in the world of the blog I have seen 10000000 of photo, your naturalistic photos are of an other planet

    Comment by photo-effe | October 31, 2006

  15. I was hard to trust my eyes. Thank you. That’s wonderful shot.

    You described in detail the process of shooting (thank you). These technical comments prove your mastery: the viewer of the shot rejoices at the incredible warmth, peacefulness, purity and innocence of the weather that embraces us in the photo and fully forgets everything about how everything was done.

    Comment by Tomas | January 7, 2007

  16. Tomas, ….. thanks again for the very kind words!

    Comment by macroartinnature | January 7, 2007

  17. This is Master Pieceof Nature!!

    When I created NaNo

    I also thought that What is Picaso??.

    After all Art is freedom of creativities & Expressions.

    You are the Master of Macro Arts!!

    Thanks for sharing…..

    Comment by charliebrown8989 | January 13, 2007

  18. Thanks Charlie, and “Nano” is way over the top “cool” in my opinion. Wonderful work!

    Comment by macroartinnature | January 13, 2007

  19. hallo Michael,
    Just getting into blogging and found your site. Awesome photography looking forward to seeing some more as they come. Where are you based i am in New Zealand.
    take care

    Comment by mandy | March 13, 2007

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