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High-Key Macro Florals, & “Frans Lanting”, A Must See Site!

© 2006 – Michael Brown
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I have always enjoyed capturing some interesting and appealing high-key florals with contrasting rich colors and something different as far as its composition.
With the various compositions, seems as if I am always drawn to a composition with some of the petals that flow vertically, something that allows the eyes to enter somewhere from the top and to slowly move down, taking it all in, and allows me to study it as I move along.
This image here allows just that, with a interesting shape, lines, subtle textures, rich contrasting colors, … oh well, … I like it!

Now everyone, ….. listen up!

If there ever was a time where you need to turn off the televisioin, turn off the stereo, put the dog outside, gag your spouse or other half and throw them in the closet, … then do it now!
You need some peace and quite to view this absolutely unbelievable imagery from Frans Lanting.
I do not need to say anything else. His work truly speaks for itself.
Sit back and enjoy this!!!

Frans Lanting – “Life – A Journey Through Time”



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  1. Just discovered your site the other day and have enjoyed looking back and reading. I love your work.

    I am very happy to see a 30+ year old making it in photography. Maybe I shouldn’t give up on that dream yet!

    Comment by Roberta | October 12, 2006

  2. Beautiful Mike!

    I saw his link over at NSN, I didn’t need to do what you said, I drifted off in to my own world while looking at his photo’s!

    Comment by Doris | October 12, 2006

  3. Hey Dude!

    I am writing a column about b/w film photography at an on-line magazine.


    Go check it out. Let me know what you think!

    Comment by shawna | October 14, 2006

  4. Great to see that you’re still creating wonderful inspiring images (haven’t been around for a while). Love the painted effect on the petals. The Lanting site is amazing! Thanks for providing the link.

    Comment by Markarian | October 16, 2006

  5. This is such a sweet shot, composition is unique by itself but I also love the lighting and bright colors here.

    Comment by noushin | October 16, 2006

  6. Thanks everyone!

    Roberta, … never give up that dream!

    Thanks Doris, … new you would like that site.

    Shawna, … will check it out soon. Just got back in from shooting some things and now have a bit of time to catch up.

    Good to see you around Mark. Will visit here soon!

    Noushin, … good to see you hanging in there, and will visit your site here soon as well.

    Everyone, … many thanks, and take good care of yourselves!

    Comment by MBrown | October 17, 2006

  7. Your photos are evocative. I love them. Can’t wait to set aside time to explore the entire site.

    Thanks for the link to the Lanting “Life” site. It’s well worth the visit. That’s another thing I am appreciating about this blog–you link to some wonderful photo sites I might not have found otherwise.

    Comment by MacroMoments | October 18, 2006

  8. Thanks for the link to the Lanting site. I’ve seen the book lying around at the local bookstore and will probably end up buying it after seeing this display. That said, I’m still mightily impressed by your work. Have just looked through the last month’s posts (for some reason I haven’t been by for a while) and only wish you would post them a little bigger :-) This shot is one among many cracking pictures!

    Comment by peter | October 31, 2006

  9. Thanks Bonnie and Peter!

    After finishing up a few things, I will be looking at putting together a blog with some bigger pics for you guys to look at! :)

    Comment by MBrown | October 31, 2006

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