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“Lensbaby”, one cool little tool for photography!

Finally getting to settle down a bit from work, … and now maybe I can come out and play here a bit too!

Some absolutely wonderful people from NatureScapes gave my son Joseph a “Lensbaby” to play with and to experiment with a bit, and especially with his eagerness to learn more about abstract photography.
Needless to say, … I had to give it a try as well.

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272_7297b1nsnp2blog.jpgThis is one cool little tool to use for abstracts in macro. It does take a bit of getting use to, but I really am amazed at just what it can do!
You can make adjustments with your aperture settings, comes with a 10+ and a 4+ diopter, pops on to your camera just like a normal lens, and fun to play with.

Being honest with you, … I never really pictured myself buying one of these, thinking that it was simply some kind of cheap tool for getting cheap looking dorky images that I could easily do in Photoshop.
Well, some of those blurred effects I still can do in Photoshop, but for anyone who is lacking a true macro or some of the other tools needed for getting in close, then this certainly will fill that void until one is ready to move on to the real thing.
Hey, … I think that it is a very cool piece to add to your camera bag!

It is well made, gives absolutely wonderful results, easy to use although you need to practice for a while just to see exactly what it does, … and I am very happy for Joseph. He is getting one heck of a kick out of it, and I am giving it a work out myself.

Everyone take care of yourselves, thanks for visiting.

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