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“No Strings Foundation”, Photography Grants, & “Will My Ticket Ever Get Punched?”

Yes, I have been working hard over the past 3 years to build up a large file of images in hopes of getting out there on my own and doing some good with something that I dearly love. Even with working with two art buyers now and a couple of clients, I still wonder if as much will come of my photography as I hope that it will. As much as I have been plugging away at it, I wonder if my ticket will ever get punched. I sometimes wonder if I am wasting my time!269_6974b1bnsnp7blog.jpg

The other night I was messing around on the internet, and decided to look up what type of photography grants are available today.
Wow, … there are quite a few out there to be had!

Well I looked, and looked, and did some more looking.
Many grants are for those who shoot entirely different material than what I shoot.
There were grants available for just what I do shoot.
Funny thing is, … just about every single grant that is out there is for someone who is still in school, or under the age of 25.
I guess there is not anyone out there who provides these grants who thinks that there are some great photographers who are shooting some fantastic material, … but who simply got a later start than most. The older crowd can’t cut it or something?
Seems like “everything” is geared towards the young, … no matter what it is!
Hey, … there will be no slapping the young from me, but damn!

I don’t mind saying it because I am comfortable with what I do, … and that is, that I know that I have a pretty darn good eye, very creative, I “do care” which is something that most of the older photographers have a firm grasp on, but, I’ll be damned, … I’m 50!

I guess I am pretty much washed up before I even get started, at least that is the way that some may see it!
The first 6 “large” grants I looked at, 3 were for those who were 21 or under, 2 was for 25 and under, and one was for 26 and under. Just one of those was a grant for those who still had to be in college.
So, as far as grants go in helping one to get over that hump in their photography, and most people who are over a quarter century old can forget it, no matter how good you are!

Oh man, ………. but wait. Check this grant out! A $25,000 grant to be used in any way that you see fit to use it, … even to paint your house if you wish!!263_6340j1nsnp2blog.jpg
When my eyes came across this one, it was like the kid in class who new the all important answer to the most difficult question and he was ready to impress the teacher.
I was raising my hands, shouting “me, me”, “over here, … me, me!”
It is the “No Strings Foundation” which caught my eye and got me all excited, … only to quickly make my shoulders sink back down below my waist line when reading about the “no application” and the “secret panel” who makes those choices for the grants!
Still, this is a awesome way for photographers to get over the hump, but only if those who makes the selections know who you are or someone puts a word in for you.
Read it on PDN. Very cool!
And, … if any of you know anyone on this secret panel, … put in a good word for ol’ Mikey!

Yes, a grant like that would do the trick, and help to get that ticket punched!
First thing I would do, is to buy my youngest son his own camera. At the age of 13, he has a awesome eye, and likes to shoot what I shoot. He deserves it! I am not only proud of him, … but a bit envious too!

I do need the money, because my wife left me and took the trailer.
Plus she took the new pickup truck and left me the old one.
I was so upset the other day when I left, that I accidentally ran over the dog with my truck.
Now I need some money to take him to the vet and get his leg fixed, cause if I don’t, he will be down to just one leg.
It is not easy for him to take a dump with two legs, and I simply can’t let him go through life trying to take a dump with one. I love my dog!

And also, I could use the money for food.
Those 6 for $1.00 TV dinners are now 4 for $1.00. That sucks!
Every day, somebody is making it hard for me to get by.
And those meals that I sometimes fix that calls for a half cup of water, well, I now put 3 cups of water so I can now have some leftovers to put in the fridge.
Damn, … I’ma hungry guy huh? A hungry artist/photographer?
And I ain’t going to say how my dog lost the first two legs neither. I can’t help it if he had a lot of good meat on them!!!

I am just trying to keep a sense of humor in my life, and even with my photography.
Again, after years of working at it, studying it, and shooting it, … I think that I am pretty damn good at what I do. I am comfortable saying it out loud too!
If my ticket ever gets punched with my photography, then that’s great.
If my ticket does not get punched, I will still enjoy doing what I am doing now, ….. and maybe stop gritting my teeth as much! :)

And after all of that has been said and the rough times I have had, … life is still good!

Oh man, ………. I forgot to check my lottery ticket from last night!

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  1. LOVE this dreamy, hazy photo. It reminds me of the old (read: ancient)tv show, Land of the Giants. Remember that? I think my love for macro photography started with that show.

    Comment by JustPics | January 16, 2007

  2. We both must be close to the same age then! :)
    Yes, “Land Of The Giants” really captured my attention, “Journey To The Center Of The Earth” was good although did not deal much with the small world, but I think that it was “The Incredible Shrinking Man” that got the ball rolling for me in the world of macro.

    That spider was so cool, … especially when you are about 8 years old or so! LoL!

    Comment by macroartinnature | January 16, 2007

  3. hey mike

    i read your post and felt just like how i feel after reading my own stuff

    hell man its tough
    and some people have this streak of masochism
    getting kicks out of doing things in a manner that defies what our parents would have wanted for us

    hey check my blog
    i don’t have any pictures on it
    but you can read arbid sh*t on it
    i like your pictures
    hell you must have spent some money on those macro lenses
    must say i like them
    soemone or the other will buy this stuff for lot of money
    at some point
    well be cool mike

    Comment by Sreejith | August 8, 2007

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