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Playful Compositions And Light In Photography

© 2006 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

“Japanese Red Maple”


Was out the other day down at my parents, when I decided to go out and do some shooting late in the day.
I felt that I needed to warm up a bit to get my thoughts into place, so I decided to run through my “stick drill” that I sometimes use before shooting.
This is a “Japanese Red Maple” tree that grows along the side of my parents home.
Similar to the “cram it” method that I use when shooting abstracts deep within flowers, I simply got in close to the center of the tree and to shoot outwards, looking for pleasing compositions among the leaves and those sticks/limbs, and of course, some good lighting.

© 2006 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

“Japanese Red Maple #2”


Try this method sometimes, by getting in close to a tree or some shrubbery and shooting outwards. You may feel a bit cramped at times, but the benefits are most certainly there for you!
Look for interesting shapes and patterns in a light that appeals to you.
Shoot wide open at first using selective focusing methods, and then adjust your lens settings and depth to suit your tastes.
And, try some of these very late in the day with that golden light.
Just go out and play, create something new, shoot it, and enjoy yourself!

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