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Tuning In With Your Subjects In Macro Photography. “In Their World” Series.

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Well, … it’s something that you simply have to learn to do, and it is a never ending process too!
To achieve that stunner that you have longed for, understanding your subject is key.

I was working this flower (daylily) for some abstract compositions, similar to the one posted the other day.
I do know that these ants enjoy going deep within the throat of the daylily where moisture has gathered at the bottom.
They will go all the way down, and then come up top somewhere at a particular point, and then return to the bottom.
The will often do this over and over again, returning each time to near exactly the same spot up top and pausing as if they are keeping a look out for something.
I set the lens on this position, open the lens for that soft/dreamy looking world that I enjoy capturing, and waited.
Sure enough, about every 30 seconds or so this lone ant would come back to the top at the same spot that I had the lens focused on, and he gave me a good 5 minutes worth of shooting before he deviated his path.

It is not exactly what I wanted, but certainly worth keeping in my files.

No matter what you are shooting, … try to understand it in ways in which it will eventually give you a unique opportunity for something different to add to your files!
In the end, you will usually learn two important things.
Something about nature, and something about your photography!

** Just noticed that this is sort of a repeat of a post I made a while back.
Oh well, … repeating it is not that bad I guess!

Thanks for looking gang!
Michael Brown – Photographer

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