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“Moonlit Masquerade”

© 2006 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

Sometimes I think that one of the most creative tools to use for my photography is not what I am shooting with at the time, or what is in my vest or camera bag, but in the comfort of my home. That chair right in front of my screen and using mixed media many times will result in how well I shoot out in the field the next time that I venture out.

I do a lot of mixed media type images.
Rendering a totally different creation from the original and using various software that is now available often will open my eyes of what I could have done out in the field, and many times, will show me a whole bunch of diffrent options that I can try out the next time I am shooting.
It is something that I highly recommend for everyone!

This above is a simple image (Moonlit Masquerade – larger image) and composite that I whipped up in a matter of minutes today in Photoshop CS.
More importantly, I can sit here and look or stare at it, conjuring up some ideas and experiments for the next day of shooting.
I will often ask myself, “how can I do something like this out in the field?”
I might come up with some type of attempt at it, and I just might fail miserably, but I usually will learn a valuable lesson from it and use it to my advantage the next time I make that same attempt.
Working in mixed media for me is simply a excercise I use for the brain. It allows me to think, to dream, to allow all of those possibilities to flow freely.

And then again, working in mixed media gives me another avenue when not in the field.
It may give me the chance to play in oils, watercolors, inks, etc., and simply to learn something different while at the computer.
Eye coordination, contrasting colors, textures with various brushes, … just so many things one can learn from and to have fun with in mixed media.

The image above is a composite of a foliage image that I was experimenting with, and a dragonfly image that my son shot the other day.
Take a look at his image of a “Calico Pennant Dragonfly, and you can see the transformation of this dragonfly to the one above. (With his permission to use it)
Now, … what can I do to achieve this out in the field maybe?

© 2004 – Michael Brown
* Copying/downloading of images is prohibited.

This is a very simple to do image that I took into Photoshop CS, and then added something like the sun in the background area. This idea from simply playing around in mixed media allowed me to figure out how I wanted to achieve this same look while out in the field. Just one week later, the results were pretty darn pleasing!
Mixed media allowed me to see something different, … then I went out in the field to create it.

The software that I use today in most of my mixed media creations are Photoshop CS, Painter IX, Studio Artist 3.0, and Vue Infinity 5 – (vue d’esprit), and all using the Wacom tablet, which is a must for detailed creations in mixed media or for serious touch ups with your photographs.

So, when you have some time on your hands, grab you some software, … “any software”, … and get started.
Just play, experiment, have fun, and learn from it.
Get yourself a glass of wine too. Certainly want hurt!!

Take care gang!


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