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“Lynx Spider” – With Macro Photography, … Always Be Ready For The Unexpected!

© 2006 – Michael Brown
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Personally, I think that having a heightened sense while shooting macro is a plus. Having a heightened sense in any style/type of photography is a huge plus, but it seems to be needed more so in the world of macro. I always seem to be running across those “unexpected moments”, and sometimes I seem to know that it is about to happen beforehand, as it did with this Lynx spider.

I was shooting some abstracts, cramming my lens down inside a daylily when I noticed a very tiny speck that looked like it was sitting on the pistil of the flower, deep within the throat area.
I thought that it was a small speck of pollen, but noticed a little hair like structure behind that speck.
I thought that it might be the very tip end of a spider’s leg that was barely showing.
I thought that if I moved my finger on the outside of the flower causing a bit of a shadow, and if in fact it was a spider that was hiding from me, it might make the spider a bit wary of that shadow and to move up into the frame and away from that shadow.
I had the camera on the tripod, the small area already framed and focused, moved my finger along side the flower, the spider moved up into the frame, … and bingo!
A slight readjustment with my focusing, two more shots, and this little guy was off deep into the flower.

It does not always work out like this, but if you can just get a feel for how nature will react to certain things, and be ready for the unexpected, … good things will happen for you!

Canon 100mm macro & 2x teleconverter
Tripod, macro slider, wimberly plamp, reflector
1/200 sec. @ f2.8
ISO 400

The older brother is visiting from Ireland, and I’m taking them all to the zoo for a bit of fun today so I’m outta here! :)

Everyone take care,

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