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Blogs vs Dedicated Photography Forums

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This is a bit of a harsh rant maybe!
I will leave it upon the reader to figure out what might be best for them and their photography.

Remember the “poll” that I had some months ago?
Unfortunately, I made a mistake and deleted that poll before I retrieved the final numbers. 106 people took the poll.
The question in that poll was pretty much about what you were seeking as far as critiques while showing your images in a blog.
Choices were:
* Your images are a showcase of your work, therefore no critiques are needed.
* You show your images in a blog in hopes of receiving honest critiques.
* You are just having fun showing your images, and no critiques are really wanted or needed.

My question now is, “how am I to know that you want honest critiques from the images shown in your blog?”
Roughly 60% said that they posted in their blogs in hopes of getting honest feedback, and to get better with their photography.
About 20% stated that they needed no critiques, that they all were showcase images.
The other 20% or so were simply showing their images for fun.
So again, how is anyone to know that you are seriously asking for help unless you “state clearly” what you are looking for in your blog?
Do I give a honest critique for this blog that I am visiting?
If I give a critique, and this is considered a “showcase image” from the one who created the piece, … will they get upset?
Am I wasting time giving a critique to this image when the one who created it could care less if they get better at photography or not?
Lots of questions, thoughts, and ideas have popped into my head over the past few days about this.
Should the individual who is seeking help in hopes to get better put a notice somewhere on their blog about accepting honest critiques?
I don’t have any kind of notice on mine, (and maybe I should) … but I am always open to what people think, and their likes/dislikes with a image of mine.

Blogging is fun, … no doubt about that.
You meet a lot of people from all around the world, learning about their photography, where and how they live, learning about their families, cracking jokes, … but I think that there is less honesty when people leave comments about a image. Again, how are they to know what you want anyway?
If you truly want to get better with your photography, it is my opinion that a dedicated photography forum catering to the area of photography that you would like to persue, is without a doubt the way to go if you truly want to get better.
Wedding Photography? There are forums out there!
Nature/Wildlife Photograhy? Plenty of fourms to choose from!
Street Photography? They are there!
And there are more!!

Think about it!
You just don’t know what type of critiques you are getting in the world of blogging even when you actually get one, … most of the time. There is no “law of the land” with critiques and blogging. The blogging world is usually known as the “say what the hell you want to say” type of place.
In a dedicated forum, and when you posts your images, you automatically are asking for honest critiques/feedback/opinions/help, and normally you are going to get them. How else are you to learn if you do not get honest critiques?
How else are you to learn if you do not learn how to give critiques?
There are many who get a bit intimidated in a forum where there are professionals or advanced amateurs posting also. I most certainly understand that feeling! But, do you think that many of these people came into these forums already highly advanced? I sure didn’t. In fact, I came in to these forums pretty much ignorant on the subject of nature photography! I asked for help right from the start, … and I got it! Boy did I ever get it! LoL!!!
But it was the “honesty” that did the trick for me. It is the dedicated forums that has me where I am today in my photography.
Not a single person ever wanted to launch rockets to my house after I posted a certain picture, or come kick my door in and punch me out, or had any negative words in the forums.
Sure, they might have told me that the composition was terrible, but then they told me why they thought it was terrible and what they thought a good solution would be.
They might tell me that my usage of Photoshop was horrible, but then follow up with how to do it properly.
Then, I would get opinions on what I did very well with a particular image, and maybe how to enhance upon it.
Some wonderful people in these forums, and I have developed a long lasting relationship with many.
Blogging just might be the ticket for you, … then again it might not.
Do you truly want to advance your photography, to get better, maybe even someday to develop a style of your own as some dream of doing?
I have no doubt that a true dedicated photography forum is the way to go for the vast majority of people.
When it comes to dedicated photography forums, it is best to find a place where critiques received are offered in words, and not a point system.
Points can “never” take the place of spoken words!

There are some who have visited this blog before, then decided to take the plunge and go to a dedicated forum, only to go crazy in those dedicated forums! LoL!!
I have seen some to go into these dedicated forums and simply to have a blast.
They decided to jump in with both feet and finally start to learn something, … and “my o’ my” have they ever. No regrets!
I have seen some come over to NatureScapes and have really jumped in with vigor, … and I do mean “vigor!”
It’s fun, … and it’s fun to learn. Just do it!
My youngest son Joseph did, who is now 13 years old, has around 1500 posts in less than a year, and he loves it. Plus, he is learning from some individuals in those forums who are well known around the world!
So one more time, in my opinion, dedicated photography forums is the way to go!

*** With all that has been said, and with the image posted here, … tell me what you think.
I will tell you, that there is something that really bugs me about the image and I am trying to correct it.
Critique it for me. Tell me the good. Tell me the bad.
Since I have started this blog, I don’t remember one single and very hard critique on any one of my images. Why? I believe it is the “blogging atmosphere” that creates it.
I always get critiques at NatureScapes, both good and bad, … and helpful! All comments help to open one’s eyes!

Blogging is a wonderful portal to use in order to advance, … but still lacks that certain aspect that everyone should seek out in order to reach that peak.
So ask yourself, … “Is now the time to take the next step in my photography, … or maybe not?”
Whatever avenue you choose to take whether it be the use of blogging or a dedicated forum, I do wish you the best in your photography and for many years to come!

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