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“Doing It In The Bushes!” – Common Whitetail Dragonfly – “Libellula lydia”

All images © 2005 – Michael Brown
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I knew that this little guy would keep coming back to the same perch, (Common Whitetail Dragonfly, (Libellula lydia), so I simply sat down right in the middle of a large clump of bushes and had a wonderful time shooting while trying different lighting techniques and various lens setups.

The vertical shot really appeals to me, although I do wish that the main subject was higher in the frame along with the background foliage. The only problem was the old wooden fence railing a few inches away from him and my limited space to sit in.
Took this shot with the Canon 75-300mm lens.

The horizontal was made a few feet farther away, using the Canon 100mm macro and the 2X teleconverter.
Both shots were made using 1 reflector and the Canon 420EX flash.


Wonderfully creative and colorful shots can be made, if you have a touch of patience for your subjects to reveal themselves.

So this season, ………. do it in the bushes!!

(This post does not have the original “Blogger” comments, as they would not automatically transfer when the move was made to “WordPress”.) Image was captured at the Clemson Research Center near Columbia, South Carolina.

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